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Hogs Night: A Porkcast — Why Does This Keep Happening To Us?

It was nearly yet another catastrophic, but oddly familiar situation for the Redskins: an unhappy player wants out... But then it wasn’t.

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Hogs Night: A Porkcast crew hops out of late spring hibernation to reflect on an all too familiar trend surrounding the Washington Redskins: drama. A few weeks have passed since the dust has settled on Trent-Williams-is-demanding-a-trade-because-he’s-miserable-here-and-it’s-the-training-staff’s-fault-oh-wait-never-mind-everything-is-actually-fine-gate and we jump out to a 10,000-foot level to consider why it feels like “DC” can so regularly stand for “drama city” when it comes to the Redskins franchise.

Also, with rookie camp in the books, we chat a little bit about what it means to see some of the newest Redskins actually donning the Burgundy and Gold for the first time, and offer some predictions about what the rest of the off-season may hold for Dwayne Haskins, Bryce Love, and the rest of the 2019 rookie class.

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