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Who is the Most Famous Athlete/Coach you Have Met?

NASCAR: Monster Energy Open-Qualifying Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

I know we have done this exercise in the past, but since we have a ton of new members on here, I figured we could explore it once again, as there are always some really cool stories out there from our Skins community.

This is also a great way to pull us all a bit closer together and learn a bit more about our fellow Redskins brothers and sisters.

It’s always cool to meet one of your favorite athletes/coaches. Sometimes these interactions come at the most impromptu times, while others may have went to high school with someone who has now become famous. Maybe you work in an industry where you see athletes all the time. Maybe you are/were a famous athlete who frequents these boards...not that we TOTALLY expect for you to reveal your identity...

So, what athletes/coaches have you met in person? Here did you meet this individual? What was your experience like?

Please share your stories in the comment section.