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Interpreting Josh Doctson’s Comments - Does the Redskins Receiver Have the Desire to Play the Game?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Make no doubt about it - Josh Doctson has been a bust for the Redskins.

As John Keim so eloquently said - “The production hasn’t matched the investment”.

And boy was John Right!

During his career in D.C., Dotson has caught 79 passes for 1034 and eight touchdowns, with a reception percentage of 52% - well below the league average of 66%. Many had hoped these would be the type of numbers he’d put up in one year, not three years combined(although in fairness, injury did steal one year from him).

Let’s look at some quotes from Doctson in a recent article published by Keim you can read in full here.

Interpretation: Nothing like coming out and saying - I want to prove to this team who drafted me with the 22nd overall pick in round one that I belong. I want to show my teammates and coaches that I deserve a second contract with the team, and I believe I can be a true number one receiver in this league.

NOPE...just - “I think I’m hitting free agency next year”. is what it is - yawn!

Interpretation: No motivation? Nothing to prove? Every great athlete I’ve had the privileged of watching has had something to prove. Every single one of them is motivated by something - usually the desire to be the best. It’s very clear that Doctson’s non-chalant attitude will never drive him to be great. After reading some of his comments and seeing his play during his time as a Redskin, I don’t think he ever had that desire to be great, nor do I think he’ll ever gain that for the game of football.

Interpretation: This one is a bit sketchy. Pop Warner is a “child’s game”. The NFL is a grown-ass man’s game! Maybe this is the issue with Doctson vs. some of the other premier athletes playing in the NFL. He sees it as simply a way to put food on the table, where others see it as a way of life. Josh may see it as simply a game, where others see it as their livelihood.

Like I said, there is a fine line here, and most certainly, not all athletes view this game the same way, but I highly doubt the great ones in any sport simply viewed their craft as a “child’s game”.

...and finally - from Jay Gruden:

Interpretation: We have a LOT of hungry guys on this team who want the football in their hands, and we are going to do what it takes within the confines of this offense to get them the football.

“I can’t promise he’s going to get a ton of opportunities with the group of guys that we have”. - Is Jay basically saying that Doctson has had his time to prove himself, and now it’s others guys turns? Does he see more talent in the younger guys than he does in Doctson?

Here are some quotes by other athletes; even one from our very own rookie quarterback and second year running back.

Dwayne Haskins - On his fall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Interpretation: Hum... “more motivated than ever”, “chip on my shoulder”, “the league done messed up”.

Sound like a guy out to prove something? Sound like someone you want on your football team?

Derrius Guice - on teams who pass on him in the draft.

Jerry Rice - On his desire to be the best.

Michael Jordan - On motivation, his desire to prove he’s the best, and his love for the game.

Wayne Gretzky - Hockey is life.

While it is totally unfair for me to even mention Josh Doctson’s name in the same sentence as some of the greatest athletes ever to play their respective sport, it is fair for me to at least question his commitment to the game of football after watching him play for over two years, and reading some of the comments along the way.

You be the judge...