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Morgan Moses Redskins Presser: When Trent Williams gets here, he'll be ready to go

Morgan Moses answers questions after today's practice

Washington Redskinstraining camp Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Morgan Moses had a little fun at his presser today. He took the first few questions playing Trent Williams while wearing a custom-made #71 jersey. He said Trent will be ready to go when he rejoins the team. He answered questions about the QBs, facing the Redskins DL, Brandon Scherff's contract, and more.

Answering questions as Trent Williams while wearing his jersey:

Missing training camp:

”I miss my guys. I miss the Hogs. I miss Brandon [Scherff] and Morgan [Moses]. It’s about that time man. Get ready for these guys.”

Playing with Morgan Moses:

”Oh man, he’s great, man. I’ve seen him move. He’s lost a lot of weight. He’s ready to go, man. This is the first training camp that he’s been ready before the first day, so I’m glad to see a young guy come in here ready for year six.”

Why he held out:

”Ya know, I just asked for, ya know, a couple of pizzas and a Pepsi. It didn’t work out, but ya know, I’m here now so that’s all that matters. It’s time to get ready for the Eagles Week One.”

What Moses did to convince him to return:

”He’s probably called me like forty times, dude. I keep on forgetting that he’s in meetings, so I call him back when he’s in meetings and he texts me like ‘Hey bro I’m in front of [Bill] Callahan (Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach). We finally got to talk though, so it’s all good.”

Answering questions as himself:

Trent Williams:

Talking with Trent:

"I have, man. You know he’s doing good. He’s working out. He’s obviously getting in shape and stuff and when he gets here he’ll be ready to go.”

Weight loss:

"I mean honestly, man I’m getting older. This is year six; it goes by fast. Being cleared before we took off for the summer and having five weeks not to worry about an injury and just really hone on getting in shape, and eating right and not having to worry about taking care of the rehab stuff. It’s actually really been the first season I’ve been able to do this. So, just me putting my head down and just grinding and trying to be here and be available for the guys.”

”I’m weighing in at 327 right now.”

Turnover on the offensive line:

“You know it’s really one of those things where it’s just we have a great room, man. It’s a great room, a great relationship with everybody on our offensive line room and we’re like brothers. We know to have the same five out there for every game is vital for our offense. So obviously, you know Brandon is [Scherff] hurt sometimes, you know I’m hurt sometimes, you know Trent [Williams] gets you know is hurt. But because we’re such a close room man, we try to just bond it together and go out there. Man there’s some days where there’s weeks where Trent didn’t practice one day out of the practice, but you know I knew confidently, you know obviously him being a veteran he was going to be ready when game time came and you know it’s just for our offense, it’s just vital to have those guys out there man. It’s an important part of our offense. You know obviously we like to run the ball like you said and we can run the ball and everything else opens up.”

Kevin O'Connell:

“I mean, I think it’s a big impact that he you know, we decided to choose somebody that you know, that’s already – that’s been here. So, he knows already the strength and weaknesses of the team and he knows up front man, that we go to war. Just being able to have guys like Brandon Scherrf, Chase Roullier, you know, Wes Martin, Ereck Flowers, you know Trent, Geron [Christian Sr.], all those guys that are here and they – you know – obviously we got Callahan so that plays a big part too because we’re always prepared for things and stuff. So, you know when you have those combinations of things, you have guys, you have a great coach and you have a great group of guys that are willing to come out here thirty minutes before practice and thirty minutes after practice on these long days it pays off in the long run.”

Redskins QBs:

"We’ve got three guys that can play; that can flat out play. Whoever it is that we go into it Week 1, I am confident man. Colt has been here and he’s been knock at that door for that starting job and obviously he wants to be that starter. Case [Keenum], he’s had his years and he’s floated around the NFL a little bit. [Dwayne] Haskins, his arm talent is undeniable man. You look at that kid and he slings the ball like me in high school. That being said the guys; we have a great group of guys man. It’s just getting them the reps that they need and just figuring it out there. I’m confident man in any of those guys suiting up in Week 1.”

Bill Callahan:

"I think it’s been great, man. Just his knowledge of the game, man – it’s not too many guys that you get that’s been, I mean, 30-plus years of coaching, that you get to work with every day. I think the key is that he puts together a great room in the offensive line room, and then, you know, we’ve had the shake-ups last year and stuff like that, but I can tell you one thing: the thing that I love about it is that we bring in guys that are willing to work and no matter if it’s year ten, year thirteen for them, they know, ‘Hey look, this is what we’re here for. We’re gonna grind it out, man.’ You look from Week 1 to Week 16, 17, we’re at 30 minutes out there before everybody else and 30 minutes out after everybody, so, it’s just a mentality that we have in our room. I appreciate Callahan because he gets us ready.”

Toughest defensive lineman to face in 1-on-1 drills:

”I mean you see that defensive line out there? I mean you got [Daron] Payne, Jonathan Allen, Matt Ioannidis, [Ryan] Kerrigan, [Montez] Sweat is coming along – he’s learning. It’s just getting those guys out there, getting them acclimated, and obviously getting us acclimated to the tempo and getting back into the swing of things. But the competition is great. The intensity, everybody running to the next drill; it’s been locked in. I don’t really think we’ve really had too many MA’s (mental errors) or mistakes on the field since we’ve been here man. If we can just keep that going into Week One, we will be okay.”

Brandon Scherff’s current contract negotiations:

”The thing about Brandon, he’s – none of that spooks him. He comes in everyday and just works hard. There’s not another guy that I would want to play beside than Brandon Scherff, man. Just our bond and our growth over the years, playing beside each other. But he’s out here, he’s going through the motions, he’s coming back from the injury, and things like that. And his mind is being ready for Week One, and everything else will work out for him. He’s knows that and he believes in that. And so, you know, this focus is just to be ready, and I can respect that and when it happens it happens.”