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Redskins were one of two teams to put a waiver claim in for LT Desmond Harrison

The search for tackle depth continues

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Trent Williams story caught everyone by surprise this week, and could turn into a big issue if it isn't resolved soon. The story began as a contract issue, and then turned into a problem between the player and the organization. Williams reportedly has an issue with how his medical scare involving a tumor on his head was handled. This has led to wild speculation on his future with the Redskins, and the demands he has made.

The Redskins injury issues are well known, and they would have trouble fielding a decent starting offensive line now with their starters recovering from various injuries. They also lost swing tackle Ty Nsekhe to free agency this year, and his projected replacement Geron Christian is still recovering from an MCL injury.

The Redskins have been churning through tackles at the bottom of the depth chart trying to find someone worth bringing to training camp. Their latest attempt was putting a waiver claim in for former Cleveland Browns starting LT Desmond Harrison. He was an undrafted free agent out of West Georgia last year. Harrison started 8 games for the Browns, and was benched after the team fired head coach Hue Jackson.

The Redskins were one of two teams to put a claim in for Harrison. The Cardinals were the other team, and given their #1 spot on the priority list, he will be reporting to Arizona.

The Redskins are working out their issues with Trent Williams(hopefully), and will continue to look for cheap tackle depth. There are reports that this impasse can be fixed with a new deal, and other changes. Desmond Harrison was not the answer to the Trent Williams problem, but he might have been able to put his foot in the revolving door at backup tackle.