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Jason La Canfora Rumors: Trent Williams has demanded a trade or release over Redskins handling of medical issue

Not good

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: This is a Jason La Canfora rumor so enter at your own risk.

Yesterday it was reported that Redskins LT Trent Williams was skipping this week's mandatory mini-camp due to a contract dispute. It was reported that he wanted a new deal or a trade. Williams has two years left on his deal worth $24 million with no guaranteed money. Fans and pundits had a field day with what that meant for the Redskins, Williams' worth, the cost of injuries, and the meaning of life.

Day 2 of mini-camp is here, and we still don't have Trent Williams in attendance. Former Redskins beat reporter and object of fan ridicule Jason La Canfora has dropped a bombshell report this morning. Trent Williams isn't looking for a new deal, he's looking to force a divorce with the Redskins.

La Canfora reports that Williams is looking to be traded or released, and he has vowed to not play for them. His reason? The Redskins handling of his recent medical situation. This isnt specific, he most recently had surgery to remove a growth/tumor on his scalp.

This is a developing story, and we will have updates as they become available.

Ben Standig has heard similar...

So has Grant Paulsen...

From ProFootballTalk this morning:

But there’s a sense in some league circles that Williams is concerned about more than his contract, and that he has hard feelings against the team regarding the manner in which the tumor/growth on his head was handled.

Trent Williams close friend Adrian Peterson hasn't heard anything about this from him: