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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

With the NFL Draft in the rearview mirror, here is a small batch of burning questions for the Redskins as they inch closer to the 2019 season.

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Like the occasional bottle of small batch whiskey we drain each Tuesday night, I thought today was a chance to release a nice little small batch of questions to sip on as the excitement from the NFL Draft slowly subsides. As always, the comments section here plays a major role in our weekly show—tune in tomorrow night at 9 PM on the 1st Amendment Sports YouTube channel to check out the continuation of the debate. The first question is one we have already been talking about, so instead of beating up the reasons for and against starting a rookie quarterback in week one, let’s just take a poll: Will Haskins start the first game of the regular season? (Poll question below.) I am pretty comfortable that we have adequately covered most of the discussion points regarding this matter...I want to see what people actually believe will happen.
  2. Moving right into our other first round selection, I think we have not fully flushed out the kind of playing time to be expecting from Montez Sweat. I’ll frame the question this way: what percentage of defensive snaps will Sweat play in the first week/month of the season? As one of the consensus top pass rusher prospects in this draft, Montez Sweat is the kind of player that a team would put on the field right away. Unlike most other positions, the intricacies involved in getting a pass rusher onto the field immediately are decidedly few, as true blue-chip talents arrive to the job knowing how to get to the quarterback. We probably all agree that Montez Sweat is far more likely to make the most meaningful contributions to a win in the first week than a rookie quarterback, but the discussion will center around how much the team thinks Ryan Anderson can and should play and to what extent they will be on the field at the same time. The former second round pick out of Alabama has not completely taken the OLB spot by storm, though he saw a lot more of the field down the stretch last season. He came into the league with edge-setting prowess. What I think will be most interesting is how much the presence of what feels like the entire Alabama Crimson Tide defense will factor in to Anderson’s playing time. Surely, there has to be at least a partial belief that putting this band together (including the additions of Landon Collins and Reuben Foster) offers the Redskins defense some advantage. If there is any chemistry aspect to how we form our defense, it stands to reason that Anderson would be a part of it. After all, he was notably the alpha male in that Crimson Tide locker room when he was there...I understand the NFL is a different story, but we have almost recreated that locker room, so...Either way, Montez Sweat is going to fit in and shine no matter what group he is a part of, and the question becomes how fast he can work himself into that mix. I am not suggesting that teammates will be calling for Anderson over Sweat. (Are you?) I do believe the best eleven will be on the field, and I have a real hard time not seeing Montez as one of our best eleven. The question becomes whether Anderson fits in better with other ten because of his familiarity or whether Sweat makes the other ten better because of his individual talent. Both are going to play a lot—call out your percentage.
  3. This question involves far less nuance: Will Jimmy Moreland start at cornerback AT ALL this season for the Washington Redskins? There are a plethora of easy reasons you could latch onto to support either “yes” or “no,” but all I really care about is taking advantage of every chance I get to talk about this player. Do I get overly excited about late-round draft picks too often? Perhaps. We have been keeping these guys at a pretty decent clip the last few years, and Moreland is a player that belongs in the pros, so it stands to reason he will suit up this season. Even the studio pundits on draft day raved about this guy’s toughness and ability. I will not go out on any limb and say that I do think Jimmy will start at DB for the Redskins this year. Injuries have pushed WAY worse players into our starting lineup. I very much look forward to this because as you well know, the idea of a seventh-rounder (being paid a seventh-rounder’s salary) contributing on game day blows my skirt way up.
  4. Well...there are some roster decisions that will come for the Redskins brass that aren’t as fun as deciding when to plug and play your franchise quarterback or pass rusher. For Josh Doctson, who was recently NOT picked up for a fifth year by the Redskins, the 2019 season is loaded with question marks. I think the toughest question to ask is: Will Josh Doctson finish the season on the Redskins roster? Because he is mostly paid by now, the downside ramifications of cutting Doctson before the season are relatively minor. I do NOT think the Redskins will cut Doctson this summer because I think they very much believe they need him this season. The Redskins need a player motivated by a possible second contract to play like a veteran and be productive. Doctson could still deliver a decent amount of value to this Washington offense, and I don’t think it would come at the expense of developing the new guys (Terry McLaurin and Kelvin Harmon). I see him finishing out the season as a Redskins receiver, but we would be kidding ourselves if we didn’t recognize that a lot could happen with this player between now and the winter.
  5. One area of concern over the last few season has been offensive line—both starting linemen and depth behind them. Today’s question: Do either of the rookies—Wes Martin or Ross Pierschbacher—factor in heavily to the offensive line rotation at the start of the season? I expect this topic to be a major one in the basement tomorrow night, so I will save some of my bullets here, but no one will be surprised to hear that I am high on both of these players, but VERY high on one in particular.
  6. Last but not least, the Washington Redskins could potentially make another free agent acquisition to round out the offseason. The question is: Is there a player out there that the Redskins should be targeting above everyone else? Should they get aggressive in their bidding on the player in order to make sure we don’t lose him? Here are just a few of the top names still out there: Jay Ajayi, Michael Crabtree, Corey Liuget, Ndamukong Suh, Ezekiel Ansah, Muhammad Wilkerson, Derrick Morgan, Jamie Collins, Morris Claiborne, Eric Berry and Tre Boston. I doubt the Redskins will be too aggressive with some of these defensive linemen, but I wanted to include them in the list, because it helps shape the market—some major dollars will be spent, and this could help the Redskins if a team that needs a safety pays up for a defensive lineman. Give us your plan below.


Will Dwayne Haskins start for the Washington Redskins in the first game of the 2019 regular season?

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