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The jersey number debate is over for Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins, now he must prove true value with his play

The Pressure Does Not Compare to a defensive back wanting to wear No.21 or No.36, but Haskins production becomes even more significant in Washington

NCAA Football: Big Ten Conference-Football Championship-Northwestern vs Ohio State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former quarterback Joe Theismann and current quarterback Dwayne Haskins finally had that “talk” Theismann required of Haskins before approval or denial for the use of jersey No. 7 for the Redskins. The number had not been worn for Washington in over 30 years, so there is no doubt about it, there is significance behind the return of the number. Regardless of if you were one that was for or against Haskins wearing it, Joe gave permission, so what you feel does not matter anymore. What matters most with Haskins at this point is how he performs here in Washington.

I mean, we knew performance matters, that was obvious; however, tack on some added pressure onto the chip he already had on his shoulders.

I will not act as if I was around to see Theismann play week in and out, however, he was the quarterback of a Redskins team who made two Super Bowls during his time as a starter. Joe was productive, he won 62 percent of his games, and helped bring the Redskins their first Lombardi trophy. Regardless if my generation, or the one directly before mine, have little regard for the player he was, there is a sector of fans whom this means something to them.

Now as the year moves along, and his career, Dwayne Haskins will not be directly thinking about the actual fans as he is playing, he is worried about his team and how he is developing as a professional NFL quarterback. There are concerns about his play coming out of Ohio State - his accuracy, his mobility, mental processing - time will tell soon how pro-ready he was coming out of college and if he will need more time before becoming the starting quarterback.

Regardless of his deficiencies, he will have all the resources in the world to help him develop in the NFL. Between veteran quarterbacks Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, and Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins is in a classroom with a combined 29 years of NFL experience. Those are the players, now look at the coaches, head coach Jay Gruden and Kevin O’Connell, who both are former quarterbacks, now with years of NFL coaching experience. One thing about Haskins is for sure, he is a knowledge-seeking athlete in addition to a quick learner. There is no doubt about it that Washington was an excellent spot for Haskins to land and have the opportunity to learn the NFL game. Who knows, he may become the franchise quarterback for the Washington Redskins.