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Bruce Allen: Dave Gettleman has no clue what our draft board would be


New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Redskins had a pretty good draft this year that has been graded one of the best in the league by the people that get clicks doing those things. Team President Bruce Allen has been taking his victory lap in the media over the last few days. He appeared on First Take and talked about the support system Dwayne Haskins with the current coaches and QBs on the roster.

And he hit the radio circuit on SiriusXM to talk up new QB Dwayne Haskins.

But the best story from this year's draft is Giants GM Dave Gettleman trying to convince anyone that will listen that he had to take QB Daniel Jones at #6. He was so afraid that someone would jump up to get the guy he fell in love with, that he made Jones the 2nd QB off the board. He claims he knew for a fact that two teams were prepared to trade up to get Jones if he was available.

The Redskins put out plenty of smoke before the draft started. There were rumors they were planning to trade up into the Top 5, ahead of the Giants, to get their QB. There were also rumors that the Redskins liked Jones over Haskins.

Bruce Allen appeared on NFL Total Access to put those rumors to rest and claim victory over Gettleman in the NFL Draft chess game. Bruce said, "I'm almost positive Dave has no clue what our draft board would be. I don't know what draft boards he knows, but he doesn't know ours." Brutal.

The Redskins reportedly would have taken Dwayne Haskins over Daniel Jones, so it's pretty likely that the Giants passed on a good group of potential All-Pro players to pick...Daniel Jones.