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Rile’d Up Podcast: A Conversation With Redskins Senior V.P. Of Communications Tony Wyllie

Tiffany and Caylin have a chat with the Redskins’ own Tony Wyllie

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On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and Caylin connect with Sports Public Relations influencer and current Senior Vice President of Communications for the Washington Redskins, Tony Wyllie.

Wyllie started his career in 1991 with the Houston Astros as an intern and has spent time working with the Rams, Titans, Oilers, Texans and Cowboys before joining the Redskins in 2010.

Tony opened up about the culture of the Redskins, on why when the team news it’s national news, and the differences between his job now from what it was just ten years ago. He also talks about what he learned from his role models including Waren Moon, Moses Malone, Earl Campbell, and of course the legendary Shonda Rhimes-inspired fictional crisis manager Olivia Pope.

Before making a transition to sports Wyllie was on a med school track at Texas Southern University, but with the stewardship of his older cousin and support of the HBCU “family” and the support system, including close friend Michael Strahan, that helped propel him to his goal of being in an NFL front office.

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