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A Glimpse at a Possible New-Look Redskins Offense...

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

There is a ton of smoke around Josh Rosen to the Redskins via trade. Some have claimed Kyler Murray to the Cardinals with the first pick is the worst kept secret in the NFL, however I am not as confident.

What I am pretty confident about, is “IF”(and I’ve maintained the IF for quite some time) the Cardinals do select Murray number one, Rosen will be moved to the highest bidder. Knowing our history with things like this, and the idiot we have steering the ship, I see no reason to think we won’t be the highest bidder “IF” a Rosen trade goes down.

So, let’s let our imaginations run wild for a little bit, and think “what IF”...

Breaking News: Washington Redskins trade quarterback Case Keenum, 2019 second round pick, and 2020 conditional fifth round pick for Josh Rosen.

Josh Rosen:

Age - 22

Height - 6’4”

Weight - 226

College - UCLA

NFL Draft(top 3 rounds):

RD1 - T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa

RD2 - Traded for Josh Rosen

RD3 - Conner McGovern G/C PSU

RD3 - Ben Banogu EDGE TCU

After acquiring Rosen in a trade, drafting T.J. Hockenson at tight end, re-signing Adrian Peterson, signing the powerful yet disappointing Ereck Flowers to play LG and having a healthy Derrius Guice back, Gruden decides the identity of this team will be a power run-first offense.

The first change on offense is moving tight end Jordan Reed to slot receiver(but he could also line up occasionally at X). Reed plays more like a slot receiver anyway, and he can’t block, so this move makes a lot of sense. Reed has quick feet, a big power forward-like body, and runs excellent routes. He’s a complete mismatch for any defense in the slot, and would be a sure-handed weapon for Rosen.

In this revamped offense, we see a lot of 12(Ace formation - 1 RB, 2 TE’s) and 22(2 RB’s and 2 TE’s) personnel, along with our traditional 11 personnel mixed in.

12 personnel Look:

QB - Rosen

RB - Guice or Peterson

WR(X) - Reed or Doctson/Sims

WR(Z) - Richardson

TE - Hockenson

TE - Sprinkle

LT - Williams

LG - Flowers

C - Roullier

RG - Scherff

RT - Moses

23 Personnel Look:

QB - Rosen

RB - Guice or Peterson

WR - Richardson/Reed/Doctson

FB - Flanagan

TE - Hockenson

TE - Sprinkle

11 Personnel(1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR’s):

QB - Rosen

RB - Guice or Peterson/Thompson

TE - Hockenson

WR(X) - Doctson/Sims

WR(Z) - Richardson

WR(Slot) - Reed/Quinn

I know it’s not flashy, and it would be far from The Greatest Show on Turf, but how would you feel if the Redskins 2019 offense looked something like I posted above?