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David Montgomery Could Be The Best Bang For Your Buck Deal In The Draft For The Redskins

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects who could contribute to the Redskins

Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

David Montgomery, RB
School: Iowa State | Conference: BIG 12
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 5-10 / 222 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 2nd or 3rd Round
NFL Comparison: Kareem Hunt

College Statistics

Player Overview

I doubt Iowa State coach Matt Campbell knew just how special a player he got when 2-star prospect from Cincinnati David Montgomery committed to the program. Campbell credits Montgomery for complete changing the program’s trajectory not only within the BIG 12 but nationally. Montgomery ranks 6th in Iowa State history in career rushing yards. He was also the leader in the BIG 12 in rushing attempts this past season. Montgomery has also established himself as a receiving threat out of the backfield. He didn’t test in the agility drills at the combine but its clear on film that Montgomery excels in a zone scheme where he can use his size, speed, contact balance, agility, and elusiveness to make defenders miss. In a RB class that doesn’t feature any elite talent the ‘good’ guys with rise to the top while the rest of the class starts to blend together. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if several zone run teams have Montgomery ranked as their RB1 and he could make a real push to be the first back selected in a few weeks.


  • Great size, excellent vision, athleticism, contact balance, elusiveness, and agility for the position.
  • Shows excellent lateral movement and agility. Knows when to use these moves and doesn’t gratuitously dance. Creates space in tight quarters and makes the most of things when he gets to the open field. Shows some patience with letting his blocks develop and even better vision in choosing his rushing lanes.
  • Has excellent contact balance and is a hard guy to bring down. Coaches and teammates can remain confident that he’s going to get every yard he can each time he touches the ball.
  • Got a big volume of carries while at Iowa State and has shown he can handle heavy workloads as well as remain on the field for all 3 downs with his receiving ability. Hands look natural.


  • Doesn’t have breakaway speed, acceleration, or explosive traits for those home run plays.
  • Needs to play with better technique and improve his strength for pass pro duties.
  • Ran almost strictly out of the shotgun his college career and is likely limited by some rushing schemes.

Let’s see his work:

More David Montgomery videos

How Would He Fit On The Redskins?

It’s no secret that Montgomery is one of the top backs in this draft class but the bigger question is where will these guys land? I doubt a running back goes in the first round this year, I doubt many will go in the second round, but I think a ton will fly off the board in the mid rounds of this draft. Montgomery obviously has the traits to be a lead back for a team but with his disappointing straight line speed and lack of breakaway ability it isn’t a stretch to project him to fall. If he lasts until the 3rd round or longer I have to think the Redskins have him in that range. With Adrian Peterson re-signing and Derrius Guice coming into the year healthy the Redskins don’t need much help at the top of the depth chart. Still the Redskins need to look to the future beyond Peterson and beyond Thompson and if they want to preserve Guice from the past injuries he’s sustained my lightening his workload Montgomery would not be a bad choice. He’s shown in college he doesn’t need an All-American offensive line blocking for him just some zone and stretch concepts run in the offense. The Redskins could certainly (and do) incorporate these. He also offers value as a receiver out of the backfield and if drafted his workload and position on the depth chart would allow him to work on his pass pro and strength. A running back being selected by the team before the 5th round is unlikely because of the coaches ‘win now’ mantra but it wouldn’t be unwise considering the future needs at the position once he’s fired.