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Recapping The 2019 Draft Profiles & A Big Thank You

It’s a record

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It was a record year at Hogs Haven regarding the offseason draft profile series. With the help of 10 extraordinary gentlemen we were able to write 199 profiles between the end of December and just this past week in April. The pace was record setting for HogsHaven and I daresay any SB Nation Football fan site who dabbles in this type of content. Writing profiles is obviously one of my favorite things to do but its a lot of work, it requires a lot of time, and just speaking for myself after you pass your 50th one your brain starts to turn to slush. Nevertheless its a labor of love and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we were able to put out this offseason. Out of those 199 profiles we managed to hit on 7 players that were actually drafted by the Redskins. It’s 8 if you count UDFA signing B.J. Blunt. That is also a record as we have never actually had that much content cover actual draftees of the team before. So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Aaron Lesher, Jamual Forrest, PEConrad, durst, dg28, Eboracum, gavalon55, Dale Beck, Bryant336, and KyleSmith4GM. This endeavor would not have been nearly as successful without their help. Thanks fellas!

As always you can find all the profiles we wrote here

I hope everyone enjoyed reading them I truly believe we put out the best most in depth and most content in this area.

Now I’m off to retire for a few days before I begin my outreach to the college sites for the A Closer Look series.