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NFL Draft Rumor: The Giants were afraid the Redskins were trading up so they picked Daniel Jones at #6

Thanks Gettleman!

Army v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Giants will obviously deny this, but they heard all the rumors the Redskins were trading up for a QB and jumped the gun on QB Daniel Jones. The Redskins have been linked to every QB in the draft process, but Jones was definitely top 2 for them. The rumors were the coaches wanted Jones, and Dan Snyder/Bruce Allen wanted Dwayne Haskins. Washington was also rumored to be trying to jump the Giants for a QB. The smart money always goes with the player ownership wants, but the Giants didn’t want to take that risk.

That was at least part of why the Giants jumped early on the 21-year-old Duke quarterback - a fear that several teams, including the Washington Redskins, were interested in him as well, according to a team source. In fact, the source added that the Giants were even sweating out the first few picks of the draft, worried that Jones wouldn’t even make it to 6. They thought the Washington Redskins were trying to trade up with the Jets or Raiders for the third or fourth pick to take Jones for themselves.

The Redskins didn’t trade up, and still got the QB they wanted at #15. Dwayne Haskins becomes the Redskins new franchise QB, and already has a big rivalry with the Giants.