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Jay Gruden Presser: Redskins have QB competitions coming out of the yin yang

Jay Gruden spoke after the Redskins picks were in last night

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Jay Gruden stepped up to the podium last night to answer questions about the Redskins two first round picks. He discussed why they drafted Dwayne Haskins, Josh Rosen trade rumors, trading up rumors, and their new pass rusher Montez Sweat.

Alex Smith:

First round picks:

Trade up for Dwayne Haskins?:

#1 QB on the board:

QB competition:

Haskins at Ohio State:

Josh Rosen trade:

Montez Sweat at 15?:

Montez Sweat medical concerns:

Perfect fit:

And here is Montez Sweat’s call in to Redskins Park last night.