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Live Draft Show Begins Tonight on Hogs Haven at 7:30 PM!!!

Hogs Haven managing editor Ken Meringolo and his 1st Amendment Sports team are hosting their annual live draft show tonight.

NFL: NFL Draft-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You all know how much I love the NFL Draft. It has long been a Meringolo National Holiday in my house, and as the NFL has expanded its coverage into primetime, so too do we take our show on the road and into primetime.

Tonight, we will be live at Caddie’s on Cordell in the heart of Bethesda, MD covering the first round of the NFL Draft. Just as you may have done in a bygone era, turn down the volume on your TV and turn up the volume on our broadcast—at least for parts of it.

I will post the live video feed in the pole position on the front page of the website this evening. Join the commentary and win some free prizes if you can.

Our current lineup consists of myself, Kevin Ricca, Tim Strachan, Kevin McLinton and Matt Seal. We’ll begin by plotting a best-case and worst-case path to the Redskins draft pick, and we’ll keep track of what everyone is predicting. If the rumors about Dan Snyder being in the decision-making seat for the first-round selection are true, strap in—it’s gonna be a rocky ride.