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Skins fans not keen on Keenum? That appears to be the case

41% of ‘Skins fans surveyed said that QB is the biggest need in the draft

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In the most recent SB Nation FanPulse survey, Redskins fans identified QUARTERBACK as the team’s top need going into the draft.

I confess to being surprised.

I see Case Keenum as a legitimate NFL quarterback who is serviceable, and maybe better than that. He won playoff games with the Vikings at the end of the 2017 season.

For his career, Case Keenum has a 62% completion rate, 64 TDs and 42 INTs.

He had a ‘career year’ in 2017:

If the Redskins offensive line can protect him, and if the front office can find him a receiver or two, then Case could pair nicely with a reloaded Redskins defense and the punting of Tress Way to keep the team competitive all season long.

My feeling was that, by signing Keenum, the Redskins front office had taken the urgency out of the quarterback position. The Redskins have a guy who can capably start in Philadelphia on 8 September, and who should be capable of playing in all 16 games; after all, he started 30 games over the past two seasons and doesn’t have any real troubling injury history.

Here is Keenum’s injury history for his 6-year NFL career, as per

Now Keenum may or may not be able to flash the kind of production he had in ‘17; it was, after all, a bit of an anomalous season for him — the best of his career. But the 31-year old has thrown for over 12,600 yards in his pro career, and has never looked truly bad, though he has looked mediocre many a time.

If the Redskins can acquire another quarterback, that’s great. Truly.

But I see other areas of greater need.

  • The Redskins are short a starting safety.
  • Ereck Flowers is the current ‘best bet’ at left guard.
  • The Redskins have what is arguably the worst wide receiver group in the NFL.

Personally, I voted “other” in the FanPulse survey because I think the 1(a) and 1(b) needs for the Redskins are to find a talented receiver on offense and a starter-quality safety on defense.

I see the 2(a) and 2(b) needs as being a talented player to bookend Ryan Kerrigan at OLB, and an interior lineman who can challenge Flowers for the starting LG position and, perhaps, even provide backup for Chase Roullier at Center.

I would rate quarterback no higher than 5th on the priority list, and I don’t see any real urgency in the need. The Redskins should be able to get through the season with Case & Colt, with the ‘luxury’ of waiting till the 2020 draft to get the new signal caller if the right guy doesn’t fall to them in this week’s draft.

Today, I’m an 18-percenter, in the “other” group.