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Colt McCoy has third surgery done on broken leg, missing Redskins OTAs

QB2 is down

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Well that's not good news. The Redskins reportedly tried to rush Colt McCoy back to the field last season for a playoff run that no one believed was going to happen. McCoy broke his fibula three weeks after starter Alex Smith broke his tibia and fibula in a season-ending injury.

Colt McCoy was seen last month in a cast, and it was reported he needed a second surgery on his leg. Now McCoy will miss OTAs for the first time in his Redskins career due to a third procedure on his leg.

“What happened was when he had the injury we were aggressive trying to get him back on the field so fast we didn’t give it time enough to heal the right way so they went back in and did a small procedure to make sure that thing is on track to be full strength by the season,” Gruden explained at the NFL League Meetings in Arizona last month.

Now, McCoy has undergone another minor procedure on his leg, his third since the December injury, though the source maintains he could be back in Ashburn as soon as next week.

The Redskins traded for Case Keenum, and have been linked to every QB in this draft, and one from last year's. Colt McCoy could easily be the odd man out after draft weekend.