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Why Dwayne Haskins Should be the Redskins Pick in Round One

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Since the date that underclassmen could declare for the 2019 NFL Draft passed, I have had Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins ranked as the best quarterback in this draft class. Now, it’s been very close between him and Drew Lock for me, but the slight edge has always gone to Haskins. Up until recently, I never thought Haskins was a realistic option for us at number 15, as I viewed the Giants at number 6 to be his likely landing spot. Recent reports however, have the G-Men solidly eyeing an EDGE rusher with their early pick, and possibly waiting on quarterback until pick 17, or even early round two.

This could leave the Redskins in a position to draft the record-setting Ohio State signal caller - even if he has to spend the first portion of his NFL career behind a veteran like Case Keenum.

Here are some of the reasons I like Dwayne Haskins for the Redskins:


Haskins is a pure student of the game. He oozes football knowledge. Not only does he study his opponent, but he understands what they are giving him, what they are trying to take away, and how to manipulate the defense.

If you like watching video of NFL draft prospects, please, do yourself the favor of watching the 3 minutes of this:

Here you see Haskins on the white-board with former NFL Head Coach Steve Mariucci. This used to be the role Jon Gruden would play with the in-coming quarterbacks, but Steve has taken over, and really tries to test these guys.

I was able to watch this a few weeks ago, and I came away in awe of Haskins football IQ.

The Need for a Face-of-the-Franchise:

Rumors continue to swirl about front-office struggles for power when it comes to player acquisitions. It’s been reported by multiple outlets that Bruce Allen and Doug Williams often like one player, while Jay Gruden and Kyle Smith prefer another.

...But make no mistake about it - this is still Dan Synder’s team, and despite what some may want to believe, he’s still heavily involved in the direction his franchise chooses to go!

Haskins would be a guy who would energize the fan-base, and put fans in the stands(and this would make Dan Snyder very happy), but make no doubt about it - he can also become the face of this franchise for years to come.

From Peter King(NBC Sports):

The Throws:


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