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NFL Draft 2019: Alabama LB Mack Wilson visited the Redskins

Alabama defender requirement met

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The Redskins have been stocking up on Alabama defenders recently and that trend could continue in this year's draft. Washington was one of several teams that LB Mack Wilson visited pre-draft.

The Redskins will have two former Alabama ILBs on the roster this year with last year's 6th round pick Shaun Dion-Hamilton looking like a steal. Reuben Foster is not getting suspended after he was claimed on waivers following his release from the 49ers for a domestic violence incident where charges were dropped. Washington also just picked up safety Landon Collins, and third-year OLB Ryan Anderson could be starting this season. The Redskins also have the Alabama Wall, defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and DaRon Payne.

Do the Redskins need Mack Wilson this season? He will likely be gone in the 2nd round which would be a high pick for another ILB, but Wilson is a very good player who would be with the team for years. Foster has dealt with shoulder injuries during his career, and Dion-Hamilton has his own injury history. Wilson is a young, talented player who can be depth early, and be a starter when needed. Draft profile


Typical Alabama linebacker who plays with some edge

Good with his hands to punch and play off blocks

Able to unlock hips and explode into blockers or deftly slip them

Anticipates run-lane choice and quick to respond to bounce-outs

Good pursuit burst with easy change of direction

Plays through blockers with his eyes

Can trigger downhill into leaky zone gaps

Able to cover tight ends and running backs

Fluid in drop coverage with ball skills like a receiver

Can make acrobatic catches with six interceptions over two years

Shows some feel as blitzer

Plus special teams talent


Might be too mechanical in his approach at times

Limited number of instinctive shots into gaps

Needs to prove he can play with feel and make plays

Had just 7 tackles for loss over last two seasons

Still deciphering when to attack block and when to slip it

Will side-step block on second level and inadvertently widen run lane

Needs to get into climbing blockers earlier to constrict the run lane

Had issues getting off of blocks and leveraging gaps against Georgia