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NFL Draft 2019: Redskins looking at 3 more offensive linemen

Offensive line is getting some attention

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft is 10 days away and reports of pre-draft visits/workouts continue to come in. The Redskins have brought in every QB that is projected in the first two days of the draft. They are also ahowing a lot of interest in offensive linemen.

The Redskins lost their swing tackle Ty Nsekhe to free agency. Washington drafted Geron Christian in the third round last year, but he was considered a project and was lost fro the year due to an MCL injury.

Washington has already brought in at least three offensive lineman for pre-draft visits, and now there are three more to report.

Tytus Howard has been getting a lot of love from the Redskins in the pre-draft process. Howard(6'5", 322 lbs) is expected to be a Day 2 pick, and the Redskins currently have a 2nd, and two 3rd round picks. Draft profile:


Former high school quarterback with high-end athletic ability

Knee-bender who is extremely smooth and fluid in pass sets

Plenty of quickness in slides to meet speed specialists at top of the rush arc

Mirrors to keep defenders in front of him like a defensive specialist in hoops

Attacks rushers with jabs and counters rather than predictable punch

Maintains posture while re-setting hands, which protects against counters

Locked down Auburn’s edge rushers for most of the matchup

Operates with quickness and timing to thrive on second level as run blocker

Continues working hips and feet to gain positioning advantage after engagement

Plays with pad level and lateral speed to get to toughest backside blocks

Excellent potential as move blocker up to second level

Good job to steer and seal the edge for sweeps


Hand placement and hand strength needs a lot of work

Loses leverage and core strength with misplaced hands

Flailing outside hand carries no steam

Unable to generate push through leg drive due to lack of lower-body power

Gives ground when edge rushers double back into a bull rush

Will lean in his pass sets, looking for help to brace up

Needs to get hands off quicker and keep from giving away his chest

Needs to hit weights in order to add mass and weight

Lacks upper-body strength

Defaults to bear-hug mauling as base blocker

Washington State OT Andre Dillard has also reportedly worked out for the Redskins. Dillard(6'5", 315 lbs) is a projected 1st round pick Draft Profile:


Four-year starter for prolific offenses

Intelligent with high character

Exceptional athlete and is expected to test well

Adequate core power with good arm length

Feet are fast and fluid with easy change of direction

Explosive lateral quickness gets him to most reach and cut-off blocks

Skip-pull step is buttery smooth

Runs feet as base blocker and drives from his in-steps

Has balance to adjust to second-level targets and strike with force

He times his initial pass slides with the snap of the ball

Has athletic ability to use a variety of set techniques and depths

Well-balanced setups and can reset hands without falling forward

Mirror quickness to stay in front of edge-to-edge rushers

Jabs with stiff outside hand to stunt rush momentum

Issues with edge pressure are more technical than physical

Feet and agility to find proper recovery angles


Inexperienced firing off the ball in run game

Questions about if he can flex on opponents as block finisher

Would benefit from low hands and upward strike as run blocker

Needs time to acclimate to NFL set points

Pass slides are quick but short and might require greater initial depth

Punch aim is high and ends up around neck and face mask of opponent

Needs to mix up timing and mode of hand strikes to keep rushers guessing

Allowed unnecessary edge pressure due to excessive inside/out squeeze

Inconsistent determining anchor versus mirror after initial engagement

Doesn’t shove rushers off the path when redirecting from his edge

The Redskins also attended a private workout with Memphis OT Brandon Murphy at his school two weeks ago. Murphy(6'6", 291 lbs) is a a late round prospect the Redskins could bring in.