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NFL Free Agency: Redskins sign former AAF LB DeMarquis Gates

Redskins sign third player from disbanded AAF

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins continue tos sign players from the now defunct Alliance of American Football. Today's signing of LB DeMarquis Gates marks the player acquired after the league abruptly folded last week.

Gates, who played LB at Ole Miss in college, played for the Memphis Express in the AAF. He was leading the AAF in tackles with 52 and forced fumbles with five.

He talked about what happened when the league closed shop suddenly:

”We found out at practice, and some of our stuff was already out of our hotel rooms and in the lobby when we got back there,” Gates shared. “I think it was different for different organizations with how that went. We went to practice and had a little meeting and basically they were like, ‘They’ve dissolved the league.’ It really wasn’t much more to it than that.’

”We did get paid throughout the eight games. They didn’t pay us for those last two games that we didn’t play, and they didn’t pay us the bonus money that they said we were supposed to get. That hasn’t come through yet. They did pay is for those eight games we did play, though.”