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NFL Trade Rumors: The Dolphins asked the Redskins if they wanted Ryan Tannehill


NFL: Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine is a huge event every year, and not just for evaluating the current crop of draft-eligible college players. It's lying season, and rumors run rampant as we approach the start of the new league year. Teams and agents strike deals at the Combine, and teams talk about players they want to move.

We've already heard multiple rumors involving the Redskins both before and during the Combine(Joe Flacco trade interest, Antonio Brown trade interest, Josh Rosen trade interest). The Rosen rumor seems to be gaining the most traction, and makes the most sense at the moment.

Now enter this dud of a Ryan Tannehill rumor that was mentioned in a Miami Herald aricle this weekend. The Dolphins are desperate to move on from Tannehill, but aren't likely to get anyone to bite on a trade for their broken starter.

The Washington Redskins are one team the Dolphins have engaged, per one source.

Interestingly, a source tells the Miami Herald the “trade talks” are mostly the Dolphins letting teams know Tannehill is available. The trade talks are mostly the Dolphins calling and or instigating the contact. And the trade talks are mostly preliminary.

This falls into the Joe Flacco category of offseason Redskins rumors. The Redskins won't take on Tanehill's current contract with the Alex Smith money weight dragging them down. The Dolphins are likely to release him, so why send resources for a QB that will be available cheaper.

This rumor doesn't even qualify as smoke, and is another team using a QB-desperate Redskins team to try to drum up interest. Moving on.


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