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Projecting Where the Top Quarterbacks Will Land in the 2019 NFL Draft - Will the Redskins Get a New QB?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins need a quarterback; this is quite obvious. The 2019 NFL Draft class has four prospects who are expected to go in the first round - Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones.

Where will these prospects land and will the Redskins have a chance at drafting one?

Below, I take a look at the teams who could be in line to draft a quarterback this year, and those who may have a quarterback on their radar for the future.

I’ll also give my projections as to where the top four quarterbacks will land this year, and give you a team who could be a sneaky pick to draft one.

The Quarterback-Needy Teams in the 2019 NFL Draft:




Teams who many need a quarterback in the not-so-distant future:

Raiders - The Raiders have Derek Carr under contract until 2021. His dead money drops off significantly in 2020, so if they do decide to part ways, it probably wouldn’t be until after then. Right now, the plan seem to be to surround him with weapons to be successful.

Buccaneers - Jameis Winston is entering the final year of his rookie deal, and the team will likely wait and see how his 2019 season goes before making a decision on his future.

Broncos - John Elway is in win-now mode. He brought in veteran Joe Flacco to see if he can get the team over the hump. Denver is just a few pieces away from contending, so look for Elway to surround Flacco with some help this year in hope of making a run. If Flacco fails, 2020 could signify yet another changing of the guard at quarterback.

Bengals - Andy Dalton is still the starter, but the Bengals could be looking to upgrade the position in the near future. Could they select a quarterback this year, and let him learn a season behind a veteran like Dalton? This is the surprise team who could sneak into the 2019 quarterback sweepstakes.

Chargers - The Chargers could be looking to bring in a young quarterback to eventually take over for Phillip Rivers. If they feel Rivers has another good year or two, a developmental prospect in the mid-rounds might be a wise investment. Regardless, I can’t see them moving up in 2019 for one of the top quarterbacks.

Saints - Drew Brees is in the final year of his contract. It looks as though Teddy Bridgewater may be the guy waiting in the wings to replace Brees. The Saints do not have a first round pick this year, so moving up for a top QB may be tough anyways.

Patriots - As good as Tom Brady is, he can’t play forever. The Pats would be wise to find his eventual replacement, and let that player learn for a year or two behind the GOAT.

Projecting where the top four will go in the 2019 NFL Draft:

Kyler Murray: Right now, all signs point to the Arizona Cardinals taking Murray with the first pick in the draft. Unless a team comes up with an offer to move up that Arizona simply can’t refuse, I expect Kyler to be a Cardinal.

Top Choice: Cardinals

Second Choice: Dolphins(in a trade-up)

Dwayne Haskins: The Giants were the trendy pick at number six overall, but I have since moved off that stance now that they have a second first round pick. I think they go EDGE at number six and quarterback at number 17. For now, my pick for Haskins is the Miami Dolphins. There were some rumors that the Dolphins were not high on Haskins, but this is lying season, so I take anything out there with a grain of salt.

Top Choice: Dolphins

Second Choice: Giants

Drew Lock: It was rumored that John Elway loves Lock, but Elway also came out and said he believes Flacco is in his prime, and could lead his team to the next level. I think the Broncos wait at least a year to see how the Flacco experiment plays out before making a decision at quarterback. The Redskins seem like the most logical fit here if Lock is on the board at number 15. The wildcard team here in my opinion is the Bengals.

Top Choice: Redskins

Second Choice: Bengals

Daniel Jones: Daniel Jones had a solid pro day, and his demeanor, mechanics and throwing motion reminded me a lot of Eli Manning. He’s a very good athlete too, which could also add to his value. I think he’s too good for the Giants to pass up at number 17 if he’s there.

Top Choice: Giants

Second Choice: Redskins

*The Wild Card:

Josh Rosen: If the Cardinals do indeed take Kyler Murray number one overall, they will likely look to trade Josh Rosen to the highest bidder. The issue here is that Rosen already has one year gone on his rookie deal, so a team trading for his rights would have to keep this in mind if they have a starter already in place. Either way, Rosen will have value for teams, even if he goes to a situation where he’s a back-up for a year behind a proven starter, and takes over in 2020.

Top Choice: Patriots

Second Choice: Giants