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Redskins Injury Update: Colt McCoy had another surgery, in a cast and using crutches

QB next month?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

UPDATE: McCoy had another surgery.

Redskins backup QB Colt McCoy served as grand mashall for today's Circuit of the Americas Indy Car race. He is still wearing a cast and using crutches. McCoy broke his fibula in a December 3rd game against the Philadelphia Eagles. This injury came 3 weeks after Alex Smith's season ended with a broken tibia and fibula.

The Redskins refused to put McCoy on injured reserve for several weeks as they held out hopes on a playoff spot and a quick recovery from the leg injury. Neither of those things happened and McCoy's season ended on IR.

It has been over 3 months since Colt McCoy broke his leg. There have been no reports of setbacks in his recovery, and the injury was reportedly a clean break. Alex Smith's recovery was delayed by several infections and surgeries to clear them up. He has a much more complicated injury, and his playing career could be over. McCoy's injury recovery should be further along if there were no complications.

The Redskins traded for former Vikings QB Case Keenum this month. He is still the only healthy QB on the roster. The team also signed Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson as replacements, but neither of them appears to be in the team's plans for now. The team has been meeting with all the top QBs in this year's draft, and is likely to add one next month.