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Jason La Canfora Rumor: Redskins could be interested in trading up to #3 for QB Dwayne Haskins


Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jason La Canfora has some news/rumors/speculation to get Redskins fans worked up this morning. The Redskins are interested in QB Dwayne Haskins, and are one of the teams inquiring about the cost of trading with the New York Jets for the #3 spot. This would be a huge move, and would be very expensive for Washington. Haskins is rated the #2 QB in this draft class by a lot of people, and there will be competition if teams are looking to jump up for him.

League sources say Washington is already among the teams sniffing around, and with pretty much every GM in the league wholeheartedly convinced that QB Kyler Murray is going first overall, and San Francisco likely to take its top defensive player on the board second overall (early money is on pass rusher Nick Bosa), then the Jets very well could be sitting pretty with that third pick as an avenue for a QB-needy team to jump ahead of the Giants(sixth overall) to land Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. There is a readily-accepted drop-off in the quarterback class beyond that, and while the need is not as robust as in some past years, it only takes one team to make the move.

The Redskins just traded for Case Keenum to compete with Colt McCoy. The team is reportedly not done at QB, and will likely draft one next month. The question is where, and how much are they willing to spend. Dan Snyder needs to make a splash, and a 1st round QB is a surefire way to get some fans interested.

If Snyder falls in love with Haskins through this process – and, I’d point out that Haskins played prep football in Snyder’s backyard and that his mentor, Shawn Springs, is a former Redskins cornerback whom Snyder thinks very highly of – then he will do whatever he thinks has to do to get him. History has shown us as much, and I hear Washington is very much intrigued by the strapping pocket passer, and you just know that Snyder would take some joy in leap-frogging the NFC East rival Giants in the process.

The Redskins sent Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell, Head Coach Jay Gruden, and team President Bruce Allen to Ohio State’s pro day today. It’s also reported that Haskins has a private visit in Washington. The Redskins met with every QB at the Combine, and will do their research on them all. A trade up for any of the QBs in this weak class is a terrible idea, so of course JLC is reporting that the Redskins are exploring that option.