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NFL Trade Rumors: Stefon Diggs to the Redskins?, Adam Schefter's source says, "F--- no"

That ends that

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter was buzzing for a little with the possibility of Stefon Diggs being traded to the Redskins. His brother Trevon Diggs, a junior DB at Alabama posted this image on Stefon in a Redskins uniform earlier.

Redskins RB Derrius Guice got in on the fun and started recruiting Diggs to come home too.

Stefon Diggs played at the University of Maryland, and plenty of fans wanted to see him in the Burgundy and Gold when he came to the NFL. He was drafted in the 5th round in 2015 by the Vikings. The Redskins took Jamison Crowder in the 4th round of that draft. Crowder left this week to sign with the Jets, while Diggs signed a 5 year, $72 million extension before last season.

The Redskins are in the market for a WR, and it was reported by JP Finlay that they could make a big splash via trade. This would qualify, and it wouldn't be cheap to pry Diggs away from the Vikings. It would probably be pretty satisfying to Bruce Allen to take one of Kirk Cousins toys away though.

Adam Schefter shot that fantasy down quickly. It's not happening, and the Redskins will have to move on to other options.