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Is Landon Collins a Complete Safety? - Mark Tyler Takes a Detailed Look at the Newest Redskin

by @Tiller56

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp TODAY NETWOR

Some have tried to label Landon Collins as a box safety - and that is just not true. Over his four year career, the former Alabama All-American and NFL All-Pro has shown to be one of the most versatile and impactful safeties in the entire league.

Stats certainly don’t tell the whole story, and when you look at just those, you see his first three years in the league where he had over 100 tackles (he would have had over 100 in 2018 if not for injury) and think “Box Safety”. But that description doesn’t come close to doing Landon Collins justice!

In a January 1st, 2015 piece I wrote on Collins which you can read here. I had this to say about him:

It’s this versatility that I wrote about back in 2015 that I would like to highlight here...

Against the run:

As a blitzer:

In Coverage:

I created the videos above to show Collins being put into various situations and how he’s used all over the defense during his stint with the Giants. These are all taken from NFL coaches film, and span the previous four seasons. These were not from some highlight video posted on YouTube.

What I see from Collins is a versatile safety who plays nearly flawless regardless of where he asked to line up and the responsibilities he’s give on a certain play.

In the run game, I see a tenacious, sound tackler, with the ability to play through traffic, find the football, and make plays. He’s essentially like an extra linebacker out there.

When asked to blitz, he disguises it well, and gets to the quarterback or ball carrier in a hurry. When he arrives, the results tend to be very positive.

In coverage, Collins has a lot to like. He wasn’t used much by the Giants as a single-high safety, but that’s probably due more to just how versatile he really is, than any limitations to his game. He was timed in the low 4.5’s at the combine at nearly 230 pounds, and recorded a 35 inch vertical. In on-field drills he showed loose hips, a great back-pedal, and ability to quickly transition out of breaks. This was all evident on the film I watched of Collins over the last four years as well.

The first thing that stood out with him in coverage is his great awareness. Second was his ability to recognize and break on routes - whether as part of a tandem in a two-high look, or in underneath zone. Finally, is his ability to run with tight ends and backs in man coverage. He plays a great hip-trail technique, and turns his head to mirror the receivers at the appropriate time in coverage.

Truthfully, I believe Landon Collins is the most versatile safety in the entire NFL, and will be an immediate impact player for the Redskins wherever they choose to line him up for years to come. buckle up boys and girls - we just landed a good one in DC!