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Teach me about this year’s draft

Which players are the Redskins likely to be looking at for the 15th overall pick?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Redskins have the quarterback situation settled for the moment; Antonio Brown has a new home with the Raiders; we have a few hours before the free agency rumors really start flying — I thought I’d ask you guys to teach me about the 2019 Redskins draft. I need a little education, and I know that Hogs Haven comprises an extremely knowledgeable fan base.

Here’s what I’m asking for.

In the comments section below, I’d like you to give me nine names - three groups of three players.

Group 1 - The sweet spot

Give me the names & positions of three players in this draft who SHOULD be available around the 15th overall pick that you think the Redskins should show interest in.

Group 2 - The Jon Allen/Derwin James ‘how can he still be there?!’ players

These three players are guys that everyone expects to go off the board by pick #12 at the latest. You know — the one that got you a string of “your dreaming... there’s no way he’s on the board at 15” comments when you posted your favorite mock draft. Someone slides every year. There just can’t be 15 top-10 picks. Group two should be guys like Jonathan Allen or Derwin James who just shouldn’t still be there when Washington’s pick comes up, but you believe could actually end up there — guys who the Redskins should run to the podium to select.

Group 3 - The reaches

These three players are guys who fill a position of need for the Redskins, but they just shouldn’t be drafted as high as 15th overall. Maybe it’s a workout warrior who crushed the combine and put stars in the eyes of the scouts despite average game tape, or perhaps you just think the Redskins will panic and draft for need instead of value and make a bad decision.


I’d love it if you could offer a bit of commentary on one or all of your nominations. If this goes well, I plan to use the information collected from this article to set up one or more articles in a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t work out well, then... I guess I won’t.

In any event, don’t feel as if you have to explain your reasoning, but feel free to share your thoughts if you like.

Here’s what I expect a comment to look like:

Group 1 — Sweet spot

  1. Noah Fant, TE
  2. Nasir Adderly, S
  3. Devin White, LB

Group 2 - Allen/James players

  1. Josh Allen, Edge
  2. D.K. Metcalf, WR
  3. Byron Murphy, CB

Group 3 - the reaches

  1. Deionte Thompson, S
  2. Greedy Williams, CB
  3. N’Keal Harry, WR

(With any commentary you’d like to add)