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The Next Cutcliffe Quarterback: Daniel Jones

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Temple vs Duke Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Jones, QB
School: Duke | Conference: ACC
College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-5 / 220 lbs
Projected Draft Status: Mid to Late 1st
NFL Comparison: Josh Allen

College Statistics

Player Overview

The newest product in the long line of David Cutcliffe Quarterbacks is Daniel Jones. Daniel Jones was born in and played high school football in Charlotte, North Carolina before attending Duke University. Jones has been the starting quarterback since his redshirt freshman year in 2016. During his career at Duke, the teams have had records of 4-8, 7-6, and 7-5. While these records will not open any eyes, one must consider that Duke is not known as a powerhouse in the ACC but more of a consistently mediocre team that benefits from the presence of the legendary David Cutcliffe. His stats do not standout either, but after watching some tape it is easy to see why. Duke’s offensive line leaves a lot to be desired and Jones is almost constantly flushed out of the pocket. When he has time or makes a great throw, his receivers often drop easy catches. It will be very interesting to see what he can do with time and receivers who can make plays.


  • Mental Processing: Because of the poor offensive line, Jones often has to make snap decisions and they are usually good ones.
  • Arm Strength: He has a lot of zip on short passes over the middle and he has nice deep ball that has some touch as well. His lack of velocity on throws to the sidelines is worrisome though.
  • Size and Athleticism: Out of high school, Jones was listed as a dual-threat QB. His athleticism is surprising for someone his size and it is hard to not think of Josh Allen.


  • Staring problems: When he has time, it looks like he sometimes stares at certain receivers which allows the defense to make a play on the ball.
  • Accuracy and placement: Can be a little shaky at times. I feel like this is mostly due to the consistent pressure he is facing though.



Size: 9/10

He has great size, but in my opinion he looks a little thin for his frame and could use an extra five or ten pounds. This comes into play because I don’t think I once saw him slide.

Accuracy: 12/15

Jones is a consistent passer, but sometimes has some lapses. In the UNC game, he finally had a chance to make a lot of deep throws, and he missed long or short on a lot of them.

Arm Strength: 8/10

Jones makes a variety of throws with a variety of speeds and touch in his tape. However, sometimes he doesn’t have enough velocity on outs and some of them would be easy pick sixes in the NFL. It’s the most worrisome part of his game in my opinion, but it is really nitpicky.

Mobility: 8/10

This guy is athletic. For his size he has great speed and light feet. Because of his poor offensive line, he has to have good pocket presence. He gets sacked a lot less than he should.

Processing Speed: 13/15

The first thing that stood out to me on tape is the effectiveness of the Duke RPO game. He does a great job of making the read and getting it out. He is very quick through his reads, but my only knock is that he sometimes will stare at the primary receiver and not move on. These kinds of lapses are expected in a young quarterback.

Mechanics: 8/10

A quarterback coached by Cutcliffe and mentored by the Mannings is expected to have great mechanics. Jones does, and his constant foot movement is beautiful. My one knock is that he seems to fumble quite a bit when sacked.

Leadership: 11/15

This is something that is hard to judge without watching a couple games live, but Cutcliffe praises his leadership through adversity. He has an insane amount of toughness to keep going after some of the beatings he took.

Clutch: 10/15

On tape, I noticed more clutch runs than passes. This is a little worrying, because he may not be able to beat NFL defenses as consistently with his legs. He also seems to start forcing more throws when Duke goes down.

Overall: 79/100

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

I would be all for Daniel Jones at 15. The only issue here is that Daniel Jones doesn’t really seem like a guy that the Redskins can just plug in to the starting lineup. Assuming Colt McCoy comes back healthy, or the Redskins sign a veteran quarterback to a short term deal, Daniel Jones is a very real possibility. While it may be dangerous to spend a first on a quarterback that might not play for a year while the team has so many other pressing needs, I believe that drafting Daniel Jones would pay off in 2020. However, it may be just as productive to wait a year and take one of the studs from the 2020 class.