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Foster Moreau Has The Physicality, Toughness, And Character To Make Redskins A Winner

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Rice at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Foster Moreau, TE
School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 250 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 5th or 6th Round
NFL Comparison: Ben Braunecker

College Statistics

Player Overview

Foster Moreau just may be the toughest tight end in this draft class. Not many people can stack the weight on seated low rows and get to rep 6 only to have the cable snap and have the equipment hit you in the mouth. Very few people would be ready to play a football game that Saturday after they see a puddle of blood with their teeth in it on the floor. That happened to Moreau in mid October of last year right before LSU beat Georgia. He said he never had the thought of not playing cross his mind. That is the kind of seriousness Moreau brings to his craft. He is not known for being a receiving threat rather his calling card is his physical blocking but make no mistake despite not having much flash Moreau is a leader. He takes that seriously as well and was a stalwart for LSU not only on the field but as a player who faced the media week in and week out. He knows how to motivate and get the most out of his teammates and is constantly trying to improve the way he leads. It a balance between setting an example and oration according to him. Described by his coaches as smart, mature, hard working, and charismatic Moreau knows he can carve out as big a role as he is willing to work for in the NFL. What’s my opinion? He’s a 10 year player in the NFL, maybe longer, he’ll be a team captain, and a core part of the team’s identity that he joins which will exude hard work and toughness.


  • Good size, toughness, and strength for the position.
  • Above average as a blocker at the position. Shows decent quickness to get to his assignment. Has good functional strength and technique to maintain leverage and control against his opponent. Good weight distribution and rarely whiffs.
  • Not used much in the pass game but hands appear reliable and strong. Displays good physicality and toughness after the catch and ways fights for the extra yard.
  • Hailed as and takes pride in being a leader. Has the potential to become the “heart” of a team.


  • Athletic ability and speed are below average. He is not going to get much separation on routes and unless he is close to not being covered he’s not going to get you many catches over 15 yards.
  • Runs simple out routes and hitches route running could improve in general. It could also improve a great deal if given the opportunity to run more advanced routes.
  • Not very versatile and will likely be limited to being a key blocker as an inline tight end. No one is going to be fooled if he’s split out wide or lines up in the slot or as an h back.

Let’s see his work:

More Foster Moreau videos

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

The Redskins have suffered from lackluster blocking at the tight end position for years. They have made an effort to improve it the past few seasons by bringing in Vernon Davis and drafting Jeremy Sprinkle. I doubt Vernon Davis will be brought back and its time the Redskins overhaul the position. Sprinkle is a decent blocker but he is not known for moving men in the run game. This is where a late round pick spent on a guy like Moreau would help the team. There has been some speculation that new offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell will simplify play calling and take over the run game as well. Perhaps O’Connell will feature more power runs where a blocking tight end has more value. This could especially be useful in goal line situations where the Redskins have a bad habit of being too predictable ironically by running a spread offense. This would not only play to the strengths of Moreau but also help the Redskins achieve that physical smash mouth style of football they originally set out to play in 2015. Moreau could also be a short yardage security blanket in the passing game. I don’t think his receiving skills are some gem waiting to be uncovered but I do think he can be more effective when given more opportunities. Lastly, don’t be quick to overlook the value a tough guy like Moreau can bring to a team and how that can shape player attitudes and team identity. Moreau may never blow anyone away with his receiving totals his entire NFL career but he could be a big part of shaping a winning team by being an unsung hero of sorts by doing the dirty work.