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Greg Dortch Will Turn Heads In The NFL; The Redskins Should Make Sure They Aren’t Caught Looking

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

NCAA Football: Rice at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Dortch, WR
School: Wake Forest | Conference: ACC
College Experience: RS Sophomore | Age: 20
Height / Weight: 5-9 / 170 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 3rd Round
NFL Comparison: Tyler Lockett

College Statistics

Player Overview

Greg Dortch is a local guy from Highland Springs, Virginia which is just outside of Richmond. He was a 2-star recruit coming out of high school in 2016 and got offers to play at Maryland, Hampton, and James Madison among other local schools. Dortch took his talent south to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to play for the Demon Deacons. Dortch was always told he was too small or not fast enough. I don’t know who these people were who told him that but they should be shamed in public. He was given a redshirt his freshman season but after that he showed why the people who doubted him were wrong. If Dortch wasn’t 5-9 and 170 he would likely be in the first round conversation. In just two seasons Dortch ranks 12th in all time receiving yards, 7th in all-time touchdowns, and 9th in receiving yards in Wake Forest history. That is pretty impressive for a guy whose played all of 20 college games in his career. Dortch will be at the combine where his skills will be on full display. He may be downgraded for his size and experience but it’s evident on the field that this kid can play and he projects to be a serious weapon in the right offense.


  • Excellent athleticism, quickness, agility, and speed.
  • Superb route runner, sets guys up from the release point. Smooth and quick release allows him to gain ground fast and get past them. Footwork is really good and he shows good attention to detail.
  • Strong natural hands, can haul in soft easy catches as well as make the circus grabs. Dangerous at all levels of the field with his catch ability and ability to create separation. Athleticism and speed make him a problem on the run.
  • Reliable and consistent player, has that big play ability, and has a high floor with his catch and route running ability and high ceiling with him being so young.
  • Has versatility as a returner on special teams.


  • Size will knock him down in the draft and limit him a bit. How many teams want a guy this size?
  • Had a sort of fluke injury in his RS Freshman year where he punctured his small intestine by falling on a pylon - he missed 4 games. This will bring up somewhat silly but fair questions about durability.
  • Has played in only 20 collegiate games. Is he for real or a flash in the pan?

Let’s see his work:

More Greg Dortch videos

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

Productive, electric, exciting, special are just some words you can use to describe Greg Dortch’s play over the last two seasons. Dortch will be a riser after the combine as he is expected to test well athletically after that more people start to look at what he’s done and buzz about him will grow. He’s small but he’s more than capable of being a good football player in the right offense. You could use him in a variety of ways but the obvious choice for the Redskins would be as a returner on special teams and in the slot as Jamison Crowder is expected to move on in free agency. Dortch has special athleticism but also great fundamentals to work with. Some people fawn over workout pictures while I fawn over quick releases and footwork. The nuances of his technique in that area is beautiful to look at and I think his skills translate just fine to the NFL. I would throw Dortch into this offense on day one and orchestrate touches for him to see what he can do. His talents may be in a small package but he could have a big time impact if the ball comes his way semi-consistently. The Redskins could use his talent on both offense and special teams but I think Dortch separates himself from other similar prospects in this draft because of his proficiency with his route running as well as his age. If he stays healthy this guy could have a long productive career.