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Introducing The Rile’d Up Podcast: Episode 1 - Come For The Mumbo Sauce

Tiffany, Nicole and Caylin struggle to see the light at the end of the 15th overall pick with an injured Alex Smith’s future in question and this trio of college kids who attend Howard University have a feeling Antonio Brown won’t find Washington as his ideal landing spot for next season. 

NFL: Houston Texans at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Our final (for now) new podcast on Hogs Haven Podcast Network is Rile’d Up hosted by Tiffany Hoyd. Tiffany is a senior Media Journalism and Film Communications major at THE Howard University where she is a Walter H. Annenberg Honors Fellow. Tiffany loves R&B music, talking sports, broadcasting Howard Bison football, and playing spades. In her own words she loves “Jesus, sports and Beyoncé (Jesus first and the later in no particular order.)” In addition, she is also a Rhoden Fellow for ESPN’s the Undefeated. In addition, she will be joined by co-hosts Nicole Hutchison and Caylin Newton (brother of Cam Newton!) Please make her feel welcome!

Quarterback Alex Smith is at the forefront of most all Redskins topics these days, and Rile’d Up’s Tiffany Hoyd, Nicole Hutchison and Caylin Newton have differing opinions on whether the ‘Skins should throw in the towel on their 2018 season pick up and go big in the draft.

One thing is for sure, the trio does not see a lot of encouragement in having the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. The crew takes a look at the pro’s of a steady defense, while paying close attention to a weak side of the field in a missing safety and lack of depth at the cornerback position.

This is the first episode of Rile’d Up, a podcast providing you the hottest Redskin topics, with a college kid twist. While the verdict is still out on Alex Smith, Rile’d Up has a chance to look at the free agency “what-ifs,” and have taken a defensive minded approach to that list.

Antonio Brown and his mustache will be the most sought after wide receiver tandem in this coming free agency, however with an ailing Smith, the only thing Dan Snyder will have to throw at Brown will be mumbo sauce, holograms of Chuck Brown and a whole lot of Benjamin Franklins.