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Redskins Sunday Discussion Thread - Dispelling Some Myths...

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A little Sunday discussion thread for your reading pleasure.

This Sunday discussion thread will be focused on dispelling some of the “myths” floating around out there - some regarding our Redskins either directly or indirectly.

Have at it!...and remember, this is just for fun and discussion.


Preston Smith is worth over $10 million/year:

This is just laughable. Let’s try to be real here. The guy disappears for long stretches at a time during the season. If this happened just once, it may be something we can over-look, but this is clearly a reoccurring theme with him.

Now don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying Presto Smith in a Ryan Anderson type player...I do think the kid has talent; but he’s not $10 million plus per year talented like some people out there are saying.

He’s been miscast in this defense from the time he was drafted here. First, he’s not a 3-4 outside linebacker by any stretch of the imagination; second, he should never be asked to drop into coverage; and third, he shouldn’t be playing on the right side where he’s usually going up against a team’s best offensive linemen.

If he goes to a 4-3 team, where he can be a 7-technique in a base defense, and never be asked to drop into coverage, he may be ok...but still not worth over $10 million/year.

Kyler Murray is the best QB in the 2019 NFL Draft:

Let’s just take his size (or complete lack there of) out of the whole equation for a minute. Kyler Murray is FAR from a finished product. First off, he has one year of starting experience at Oklahoma. He did play at Texas A&M before transferring, but his time there was limited as “the guy”. Let me just say this - Oklahoma had the best offensive line in the country last season, and they had wide receivers running completely wide open all over the field in that offense, against high school-like defenses...this is FACT. Want to hear another fact? Kyler Murray operates from a shotgun, and VERY RARELY steps up into the pocket to make throws. He VERY OFTEN throws with very poor mechanics; like not having his feet set before he launches, and when his targets are the least bit covered, this causes the ball to be delivered inaccurately (watch Alabama game to see what I mean).

Now, let’s talk about his size. Oklahoma’s web site lists him at 5’10” - hahahaha...and I’m 6’6”! He’ll be lucky to even hit 5’9” (and there are rumors that he may refuse to get measured at the combine). His weight, which is reported to be somewhere in the 190’s, must have been taken while he was wearing 10 pound ankle weights!

Sorry guys. I like the shiny new toys as much as the rest of you, but I’m just not seeing it with Murray from the film I’ve studied.

The Redskins should spend the #15 overall pick on an interior offensive linemen:

Child please! Pick number 15 on another interior offensive linemen?

I understand the guard market has grown over the last few years, but there are three things to look at here: 1)the Redskins have already spent two top five picks on offensive linemen (one being a guard), and nabbed a right tackle in the third round who many projected would go in the first. 2)you can find good starting left guards after round one in this draft, or via the free agent market. And 3)there is no team in the league where all starters were high draft picks. Most EVERY team has some later-round guys who are starting along their offensive line (some teams have more than a few).

Any way you choose to slice it, point is that that left guard remains one of the least important positions on an NFL roster. We SHOULD NOT spend the 15th overall pick on one!

The Broncos will pick a QB at #10 even after trading for Joe Flacco:

I know John Elway is not the greatest GM in the league, and his hot-seat has been growing even hotter each year after striking out on some high draft choices at quarterback and not really hitting on the position in free agency either.

Enter Joe Flacco.

The former Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and Rookie of the Year just turned 34 in January. He’s stayed fairly healthy during his 11 year NFL career, and certainly has more left in the tank. Even if the Broncos don’t view him as their long-term starter, they are still going to want to see what they have in him before drafting his successor. If Flacco wins in Denver, why would you want to mess up that chemistry with a young quarterback? If he’s not getting the job done, you can look to draft a quarterback in what many feel is a loaded class in 2020.

The beauty of drafting a player in the first round is that fifth year option a team can exercise. If the Broncos were to draft a new signal caller with the 10th overall pick this year, and Flacco lights it up, you could waste valuable years on the rookie sitting and riding the pine. If Flacco stinks, Elway is probably gone anyway, and the new GM would want to select his guy at quarterback.

A QB to Denver this year at pick 10 is not happening.

The Redskins have playmakers...

Let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to playmakers, the Redskins are easily among the bottom five in the entire NFL!

The best offensive playmaker the Skins have is the often injured Jordan Reed. Through his first six seasons in the league, Reed has averaged just over 10 games played per season. What we also have to factor in are those games where he was playing but no where near 100 percent. That takes his impact games per season down to around eight played per year.

The second best offensive weapon on the Redskins is Jamison Crowder, who will most likely be gone via free agency this spring. As nice as it would be to try and keep Crowder around, his price tag is expected to soar, and the Redskins don’t have the money to compete with other teams for his services.

Behind these two on offense you have the frequently injured Chris Thompson, the aging and declining Vernon Davis, and the first round bust Josh Doctson.

There is some offensive hope for the future however, if Derrius Guice can return from the knee injury that stole his rookie season.

One defense we lack speed and playmaking ability among our front seven. Ryan Kerrigan is an effort guy, but no one is mistaking him for Von Miller anytime soon. Like we already discussed, Preston Smith is likely gone via free agency, and there is very little behind these two. Our inside linebackers were huge liabilities last season, and both starters should be replaced in 2019. There is a bit of hope with newly acquired Reuben Foster, but until the NFL rules on his availability for the up-coming season, we are stuck in limbo.

On the back end, we have some skill mixed with many question marks. Our best playmaker in the secondary is Quinton Dunbar, but the nerve issue in his leg that forced him to go on IR last year is still a lingering issue. Josh Norman is best in zone coverage, and can’t be asked to guard a team’s best receiver if that player is an Odell Beckham or Amari Cooper. Or current situation at safety is questionable as best.

So bottom five in the NFL in overall playmaking talent - I think so!

There is no such thing as pure BPA!

At least for our Redskins...

Feel free to add any topics you’d like.

Discuss away!