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Pig Pen Podcast: Trouble Under Center... Again

How should the Redskins handle the quarterback position?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We’re very pleased to introduce the the second new show on the Hogs Haven Podcast Network, Pig Pen Podcast with Denton Day! Denton is a lifelong Redskins fan that keeps it raw and authentic. He backed John Beck in the Beck vs. Grossman QB battle and have an RGIII jersey hiding in the back of his closet. Denton is a firm believer that defense wins championships and is patiently awaiting his invitation aboard Dan Snyder’s new yacht. You may know Denton from his show on SB Nation Radio, “In My Opinion with Denton Day.” Make him feel welcome!

With no set option under center, the Redskins enter the 2019 offseason on the search for a quarterback, a quest that has become all-too-familiar in the Nation’s Capitol.

The Redskins have a number of different options to choose from to fill that role. The options may not blow anyone out of the water, but they’re certainly there.

On the first edition of the Pig Pen Podcast on the Hogs Haven Podcast Network, I take a look at the Redskins options. From Teddy Bridgewater to making a move in the NFL Draft to possibly making a move for Andy Dalton–spoiler alert, this isn’t the verdict–and more.

Along with the quarterback dilemma, I pose the question, “What is the one position the Redskins need to hit hard in free agency?” to the members of the Hogs Haven community.

This year’s free agency class is stacked on the defensive side of the ball, and I’m a defensive guy, so I attack the question on that side of the ball. Maybe you think otherwise, let me know where the Redskins focus should be.