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Daily Slop: Gov. Larry Hogan says he’s withdrawing effort to build new stadium at Maryland site, for now; Rattay Will Focus On Fundamentals

A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

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Gov. Larry Hogan informs Redskins he is withdrawing effort to build new stadium at Maryland site ‘at this time’ - The Washington Post
While Snyder is eager to vacate FedEx Field, blaming the 22-year-old stadium for the team’s declining ticket sales and plunging attendance, he can’t do so until September 2027. The Redskins are contractually obligated to play there until that time.

But nothing precludes the team from staying beyond 2027. As owner of both the venue and land, Snyder could refurbish FedEx or build a new stadium in the shadow of the current one.

Redskins fans should ignore Steve Spurrier | 106.7 The Fan
Steve Spurrier wants to joke about the Redskins? What's a joke is a coach who couldn't remember his own players' names.

Chris Thompson told Derrius Guice to 'take it easy' working his way back from knee injury | NBC Sports Washington
Working back from a knee injury, Derrius Guice does not seem the patient type. And that has veteran Redskins RB Chris Thompson trying to calm down the excitable 21-year-old.

Tim Rattay Will Focus On The Fundamentals As He Leads Redskins Quarterbacks This Year
The Redskins filled an important hole on their coaching staff by hiring former NFL quarterback Tim Rattay as their new quarterbacks coach. The bigger question is who will he be coaching?

Bobby Mitchell, Redskins' first black player, endured more than his share of discrimination | 106.7 The Fan
In 1962, Bobby Mitchell was traded to the Redskins, dealt the plight of being their first African-American player in team history. 'Dixie' was his introduction.

Chris Thompson on Alex Smith: 'It's probably not going to happen that we have him this year' | NBC Sports Washington
At an event on Tuesday, Chris Thompson said what many Redskins fans had long assumed about Alex Smith's immediate future playing quarterback in Washington.

That potential Spencer Long reunion with the Redskins isn't going to happen | NBC Sports Washington
When the Jets released Spencer Long last week, he looked like he could be a good fit with the Redskins after starting his career in D.C. But he found a new team on Tuesday, instead.

2019 NFL Draft: Here are some top Alabama players the Redskins could take | NBC Sports Washington
The Redskins have recently shown quite the affinity for drafting players out of Alabama. If they want to keep that trend going this year, these will be the best prospects they're choosing from.

AAF football: New league could be NFL pipeline for players, coaches
Long in need of a developmental league, the NFL could finally have a meaningful minor league of sorts with the emergence of the AAF.