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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

An odds and ends Monday morning for the Sixpack covers what the offense might look like with Kevin O’Connell and Tim Rattay on the staff, and who Rob Ryan will try and fight first.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images
  1. Alright, everyone needs to be honest now—who watched the inaugural action from the AAF (Alliance of American Football)? I was unable to watch very much of it, but I had to peek...because I’m a junkie. In trying to put together a post today about football, I feel like dedicating a Sixpack comments section to a brand new OUTDOOR (not an arena league, that is) would be a fun way to avoid talking a ton about Tim Rattay and Rob Ryan.
  2. The Arizona Hotshots are the gamblers’ favorite to win it all at this point. None other than Rick Neuheisel is the coach there, so naturally I wonder if he has any action on this thing. His quarterbacks are probably the strongest in the league with Trevor Knight and John Wolford. Knight was an exciting college times...for Oklahoma and Texas A&M. He is pretty athletic and fast, and he has a chance to be my favorite quarterback in the league by season’s end, which I know is very important to him.
  3. The Atlanta Legends are worth noting here because they are the AAF franchise that has rights to players who most recently may have played for the Washington Redskins. THIS is noteworthy because the Atlanta team just got throttled in their opener by none other than Steve Spurrier and his Orlando Apollos. After the game, the man who should be prosecuted for what he did to Patrick Ramsey made sure to remind folks that he had just beaten the team with ties to the Redskins. This moment did not make me more likely to carve out time to watch more AAF action.
  4. The rules are....well, they are kind of awesome. The NFL will undoubtedly be taking note and polling the crap out of America to see if they should adopt some of them. I am definitely a proponent of no kickoffs, so this rule seems like a slam dunk, but this rule pales in comparison to a few others in my book. No TV read that right. That is huge, and certainly has a huge impact on the stadium experience as well as for anyone watching at home. Removing the extra point attempt is also a big deal, with teams being forced to go for 2-point conversions. One of the sneakier rule changes that I would be shocked to ever see in the NFL is the 35-second play clock. It is only five seconds less than the NFL, but I can barely keep my blood pressure down watching offensive and defensive coordinators play 40-second games of chess. I figure taking five seconds away would cause so many delay of game penalties in the first year that it would make people miserable.
  5. If you like Utah wide receivers—and who doesn’t—you’ll love the Salt Lake Stallions. I honestly don’t know more about this second-ranked team (in Vegas) than that. They lost to the Hotshots in the opening weekend, which means we could say that..get ready for it...we may have just seen the preview of the final!!! Wait...both teams are in the west. Nevermind...maybe? Is there a swimsuit competition?
  6. Am I the only Redskin fan that looked at our recent coaching hires and thought, “Are the Redskins competing in the AAF?” Tim Rattay and Rob Ryan are not exactly getting me in a very confident place. I would love to know who the group thinks Rob Ryan will punch first this season. I’ll get the betting started with Kevin O’Connell.