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Derrius Guice nominated for the FedEx Ground Player of the Week

Vote for the young Redskins running back... he deserves it!

Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Derrius Guice has been nominated for the FedEx Ground Player of the week.

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NextGen Stats from Week 13 point to some absurd play from Guice, listed below:

  • Of all NFL running backs, Guice spent the least average time behind the line of scrimmage at just 2.51 seconds.
  • Guice saw a stacked box on 60 percent of his carries, second-most in the NFL.
  • Guice was the most north/south runner at 1.81 yards ran/rush yard gained.

Looking at the data, here’s what can be ascertained about Guice: He decides where he is going fast, and he attacks that spot. There is not much-wasted movement, and he is obviously able to avoid and run right through defenders.