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Redskins Rumors: Trent Williams returning after Bruce Allen fired? It's possible

What happens if Trent returns?

Washington Redskins clean lockers Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Redskins fans have been dealing with the Trent William's holdout saga since the first week of June. It lasted until the trade deadline when Beuce Allen didn't trade him, and he reported before the deadline. Williams then had his physical failed after it was completed due to discomfort when he tried to put a helmet on.

He had major surgery in the offseason to remove a significant growth on his head. He blamed the Redskins medical staff for misdiagnosing the growth and downplaying the severity of it. The Redskins made the decision to place Williams on the Reserve/NFI list and also chose to not pay Trent for the 2019 season.

He blamed Bruce Allen for a lot of the issues he had with the team, from his contract to the medical staff. Now Bruce Allen has been fired, and there are reports that the Redskins will be making major changes to their training/rehab staff. Is that enough to get Trent Williams back to the table? His friend Adeian Peterson thinks so and reporter Rhiannon Walker's source says it's a possibility.

Williams would have one year left on his deal, unless the Redskins tried to make his contract toll based on his NFI status. That hasn't happened yet, and would likely be fought in arbitration if it did. For Williams to return to the Redskins, he would likely want an extension with some guaranteed money that his deal is currently lacking. The Redskins still have the option of trading him if nothing can be worked out.


Should the Redskins attempt to get Trent William's to return?

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    Yes, bring him back
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    Trade him
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