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BREAKING: Bruce Allen fired by the Redskins

We did it!

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 10 year reign of error is over. The Redskins released a statement saying Team President Bruce Allen has been fired. Initial reports on Saturday had Bruce Allen being moved out of football operations. Allen would reportedly work on securing a site for the team's new stadium, something he has been promising for years. That's no longer happening, and Dan Snyder has completely cut him out of the organization.

The next step will reportedly be a restructure of the front office, and the hiring of a new head coach. Snyder has been working with a group from outside the organization to find a new HC. Ron Rivera is scheduled to meet with the team today, and they will reportedly try to sign him today so he won't meet with other teams.

The team has a lot of internal options for their open GM position, if they even choose to fill it. They've been working without one for the last few years, instead splitting up responsibilities between Doug Williams, Eric Schaffer, and Kyle Smith. Schaffer has been rumored to be getting elevated, possibly into Allen's old role as Team President. Kyle Smith could also be given the GM title, but there have been several outside candidates rumored to be targets for that job.

"As this season concludes, Bruce Allen has been relieved of his duties as president of the Washington Redskins and is no longer with the organization. Like our passionate fan base, I recognize we have not lived up to the high standards set by great Redskins teams, coaches and players who have come before us. As we reevaluate our team leadership, culture and process for winning football games, I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead to renew our singular focus and purpose of bringing championship football back to Washington D.C."