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Redskins Coaching Rumors: Ron Rivera could be named Head Coach as soon as tonight

Lots of smoke around Ron Rivera

Washington Redskins v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Ron Rivera has been the name most linked to the Redskins in the last few weeks. He was also the only other head coach to be fired during the season. Rivera spent the last 9 years with the Carolina Panthers and ended his tenure there with a 79-67-1 record including the postseason.

Rivera will reportedly get signed very quickly after the season ends today. There will be several teams interested in hiring him, with the Giants and Jaguars also linked to him if they fired their coaches on Black Monday. Jay Glazer is usually pretty plugged in to the NFL, and has added a possible outcome for the Redskins coaching search. He says that Rivera could be named as the HC of the Redskins as early as tonight or tomorrow. That’s far from confirming he’s getting hired, but likely means there have been serious discussions going on with Rivera since he became available.

Dan Snyder will also reportedly remove Bruce Allen from the football side of the organization, and have him focus on the Redskins new stadium. Snyder has been consulting with experts from outside the organization, and wants to have his next head coach signed quickly. The front office will also get more of a shakeup. The rumors are all over the place there, and include an outside football executive being brought in, to current employees like Kyle Smith and Eric Shaffer being promoted.