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OTC values Redskins Week 16 roster as 6th best value in the NFL

Rookies playing well pays off for the ‘Skins

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New York Jets v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Over the Cap is a website devoted to salary cap related issues. One of the things they do regularly is to calculate a value based on production for each player and roster, then compare it to the player’s actual contract to analyze whether it is a positive or negative contract situation.

Here’s how they describe it in brief:

OTC’s player valuations are calculated using proprietary formulas to more accurately depict the value being provided by a player based on his on field performance relative to the current market for his position. The calculations utilize a number of statistic and performance evaluations that are provided by Pro Football Focus. Positional valuations use a number of factors including snap counts, PFF grades and statistics to determine the player’s primary valuation. Overall values add a special teams component to the valuation. For a more in depth analysis of player and team performance please visit PFF to lean about the content and services they offer. To learn more about the OTC valuations, please read our introductory article.

OTC rarely has much good to say about the Redskins, but their calculation of roster value for Week 16 was very positive for the Redskins.

In short, the OTC formula said that the Redskins roster was worth $202.58m, while the players accounted for only $87.8m in cap charges, creating a positive value of $114.7m — the 6th highest in the league.

Unsurprisingly, the three highest value players on the field for the Redskins in the game against the Giants were the three starting wide receivers. OTC valued Steven Sims at $13.2m, Terry McLaurin at $12.88m, and Kelvin Harmon at $11.49m. This total valuation of $37.6m for the WR group versus the salary cap charge of just $2.4m is an indication of what the three rookies could mean for the Redskins for years to come.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Perhaps surprisingly, the 4th best value calculated by Over The Cap belonged to CB Aaron Colvin, whose performance against the Giants was valued at $9.9m versus a salary cap charge of just $805,000.

The Redskins season may have felt like a write-off, but the strong progress shown by, especially, the young offensive skill players on the roster should offer a reason for hope regarding the 2020 season under whomever the Redskins hire to run the team.