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Redskins Rumors: Dan Snyder getting head coach advice from outside the organization

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dan Snyder is reportedly consulting with people outside of the organization for the head coach search. It was reported today that Bruce Allen will be removed from football operations for the Redskins. Here are some of the latest rumors that came out leading up to today's news.

Word is the Redskins are going to move fast, and more changes could be coming on the football side as soon as Monday. Obviously, the big question is going to relate to the status of team president Bruce Allen. Owner Dan Snyder has led the process over the last couple months (he’s been alone for parts of it) and, by design, has kept the vast majority of those in the organization in the dark on where it stands as he looks to remake his team. But there’s a belief he’s pretty far along at this point. Ex-Panthers coach Ron Rivera could be one to watch there.

According to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, Snyder understands the viewpoint that the franchise needs a reset and is considering a complete overhaul, which would include the firing of Allen. However, Snyder also is considering a scenario in which he retains Allen while handing some of his responsibilities off to a high-ranking front office addition. Multiple league insiders said that Allen’s presence makes “many” of the top coaching candidates hesitant to come to Washington. But another person familiar with Washington’s inner workings said that Allen still has a good chance to keep his job.

According to Allbright and Pauline, it is likely that the Redskins will fire Bruce Allen at the end of the 2019 season. However, sources did not give names to Pauline in regard to who will replace Allen. When it comes to the coaching staff, Allbright is hearing that the interim staff will be let go on Black Monday, with the possible exception of offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell. Word within league circles is that owner Dan Snyder wants to move quickly on selecting his next head coach. As Allbright has reported here, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy appears to be one of the early frontrunners on the Redskins list of head coach candidates. But you can also add one more to the mix – former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. Allbright is hearing that Snyder has largely gone about the head coach search in a private manner, but has sought input from Urban Meyer.