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Cowboys fans are even more depressed than we are

It’s a season that can’t be over too soon for most NFC East fans

The FanPulse results are in ahead of the final game of the season, and the Redskins, despite being in last place in the NFC East and still suffering under Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen, do not have the least confident fan base in the division.

The Cowboys fans are the most depressed fan base in the NFC East.

In fact, Dallas fans, with a confidence rating of just 1%, are at the bottom of the entire NFL, which is kind of amusing when you consider that their confidence level peaked at 96% in Week 3, when the Cowboys were 2-0 after beating the Giants and Redskins. After they added the Dolphins to the list to reach 3-0, Dallas fans were thinking Super Bowl; now they are just praying that the New York Giants can upset the Eagles to give the Boys a chance to reach the playoffs, where they can be roasted either in the wildcard round by the Vikings, or a week later by the NFC West Champion.

Meanwhile, Redskins fans have seen their confidence rise steadily from week to week with increasingly impressive performances by Dwayne Haskins Jr., Terry McLaurin and Steven Sims Jr., who have revived a Redskins offense that had been MIA from Week 3 to Week 12 this season.

In Week 13, 14, 15 and 16, the Redskins scored 122 points. By contrast, the 49ers scored 121 points, the Ravens scored 117, the Chiefs scored 112, the Eagles scored 108, Vikings 99, Packers 95.

I believe the Redskins have been outscored by only one team in the past 4 weeks — the Saints (144 points).

This offensive revival has likely had a lot to do with the fact that Redskins fan confidence, which was actually at zero in Weeks 5 and 9, has risen to 12% in the most recent survey — up from 11% the week before.

Confidence for Giants fans was at 34% following their victory over Washington — up from 18% the week before.

Fans of the division-leading Eagles saw their confidence jump from last week’s 37% to 65% in the latest survey. Bleeding Green Nation readers started the season at a 99% confidence level and have ridden a roller coaster that saw them at 4% just a month ago, before Dallas lost 4 out of 5 games, when Philly appeared to be chasing a long shot to reach the playoffs,

The nationwide questions in this week’s FanPulse poll had to do with projecting the two Super Bowl teams. They were, unsurprisingly, the Saints and the Ravens.