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Bill Callahan Redskins Presser: Terry McLaurin is in the concussion protocol

Bill Callahan answers questions after today’s practice

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Bill Callahan gave some injury updates following today's practice. Terry McLaurin is in the concussion protocol. He became symptomatic after the game. Dwayne Haskins Jr. isnt going on IR yet, but he is definitely our for the season finale against the Cowboys.

Terry McLaurin:

Fabian Moreau:



“I think our guys did a good job today at coming out and recalibrating and hitting the reset button for Dallas. The meetings started immediately on Dallas, so that was our focus and that was really the gist of our morning preparation and also practice. So, today’s practice was a little bit similar to what we would do on a short week Thursday game when we’re in helmet, cleats and still got good run tempo, but really more assignment oriented more towards getting game plan adjustments in, executed and also communicated. So that really was kind of the gist of practice today.”

New routines:

“We made those adjustments immediately so they could get acclimated to the new schedules, to the new way of doing things and I thought that the team responded actually really well in terms of new routine, new schedule of meetings, how we were preparing – it was just different from what they were accustomed to. I didn’t want it to be completely foreign either, so I really maintained a lot of the scheduling that we’ve done in the past so not to take the players out of their daily rhythm. What we did do is how we operate internally and also externally on the field.”

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Rookies Steven Sims Jr. and Wes Martin:

“I think overall consistent production, game production that you see week-in and week-out. As you see that elevate in their play, it just gives you more confidence to create more roles, to create more scheme and plays for them. So, I’m confident that [G] Wes Martin is a type of player that has good pull ability. [WR] Steven Sims [Jr.] has really good slot quickness that can get open, that type of ability. We talked about those types of young players and increasing their roles, it has a lot to do with their overall athletic ability and increasing some of their techniques and also schematics to help their game as well.”