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Washington Redskins 2020 Draft Profiles: Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

Hogs Haven takes a look at prospects heading into the 2020 NFL Draft

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Reagor

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195 lbs.

College: TCU


Reagor has game-breaking speed as a wide receiver and returner and is one of the best athletes in college football, He’s smooth and quick breaking in and out of routes as a route runner. In space, he’s tough to catch and take down and will provide a dynamic element to any offense that’s fortunate enough to land him.


He could stand to improve when attacking 50-50 balls, as he’s far from a jump-ball receiver. Reagor lacks physicality and a large frame, which may limit his ability as a do-it-all No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

Why he may fit with Washington:

The Redskins appeared to find a cornerstone wide receiver in the third round of last year’s draft in Terry McLaurin, and landing another stud like Reagor could make Washington’s offense dynamic. This season, Washington ranks last in the NFL in pass yards per game, and while inconsistent quarterback play and a heavy reliance on the running game partially explains that, there’s no doubt that the Redskins need more dynamic players like Reagor in their locker room.

Bottom Line:

Jalen Reagor has the speed, quickness and athleticism to be a dynamic threat on offense, and if he’s used in the right capacity, he has a high enough floor to contribute in Washington in 2020, which could greatly benefit quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Projected Round: Late 1st