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Rile’d Up — Dwayne Haskins Wants Antonio Brown. Should The Redskins Fulfill His Wish?

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New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Things are getting interesting in Washington with Dwayne Haskins at the helm. In this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and Janae Adams, discussed Haskins’ long term potential and his attempt to lure Antonio Brown to Washington. With Antonio’s less than pleasant NFL history, Haskins’ plea may fall on deaf ears — but should they?

Even with developments in the Trent Williams story, Bruce Allen remains in the front office — this may have some serious ramifications with the off-season right around the corner, and the diminised prospects of luring high profile free agents, like Teddy Bridgewater, to D.C.

One of the bright spots in a losing season, is that Washington is in line for a high draft pick. The Redskins will have an opportunity to have the pick of their choice in the 2020 draft. This looms large with some of the doubts on whether Haskins “has it” — would the Redskins go back to the drawing board for another quarterback?

Allen will have a busy off season trying to figure out ways to shake off what has been a troubling season. The Redskins are again met with an opportunity to pull themselves out from football obscurity, and back into its history of success. The last thing this team wants to do, is get comfortable losing.

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