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Why Winning Games Should Actually Seal Bruce Allen’s Fate

Enjoy the wins down the stretch! Just don’t ignore the incompetence of Bruce Allen.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After the week five loss against the New England Patriots, Redskins President Bruce Allen asked Bill Callahan if he would like to become the interim head coach, thus making Allen ultimately responsible for the outcome of the team’s performance in the following 11 games. Bill Callahan is 3-4 in his seven games as interim head coach for the Washington Redskins. It has not been pretty during this seven-week period he has coached the Redskins, but with a significant 29-21 upset over the Carolina Panthers this Sunday, his team has gained momentum and built confidence in one another.

Though the Redskins are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the season is essentially over as it relates to post-season play. However, what do the results of the last four games mean for a President in Bruce Allen, whose Redskins teams have lost 96 games since he officially joined the organization in mid-December of 2009? Losing may solidify Snyder’s decision, but truth be told, winning football games “should” absolutely seal Bruce Allen’s fate.

“Should” has to be utilized in this manner because we still are talking about Daniel Snyder here. Snyder had two different stints with one of the worst general managers in Vinny Cerrato that lasted a total of nine years, and it makes complete sense as to why the Redskins are in the current situation they are now with Bruce Allen. So, this is to say that Daniel Snyder should not be relied upon to make the decision that is in the best interest of the organization.

The Redskins have begun to give their younger players valuable experience on both sides of the football. Additionally, the coaching staff, led by Bill Callahan, has not been hesitant to play the players best fit for the given position. Players such as Dwayne Haskins Jr., Fabian Moreau, Steven Sims Jr., Kelvin Harmon, Derrius Guice, and Terry McLaurin will be integral parts of the team’s future moving forward. Their usage during a game has begun to increase, and in the last two games, each of these players had a hand in the victories in some way. If you are somewhere reading this thinking that the positives are precisely what Bruce Allen needed to save his job, it is indeed the exact opposite.

In one way or another, Bruce Allen has been responsible for (not in a particular order):

  1. The hiring and firing of Mike Shanahan and his staff,
  2. The hiring and firing of Jay Gruden,
  3. The hiring and firing of Scot McCloughan (in addition to media leaks),
  4. The egregious display of mismanagement of quarterback Kirk Cousins,
  5. The hiring and firing of Redskins President of business operations and COO Brian Lafemina (did not last a full season),
  6. The many different media gaffes displaying incompetence and lack of accountability,
  7. and the permanent distrust of one of the best Redskins players to play in Washington in Trent Williams (who now refuses to play for Washington)

Bruce Allen’s incompetence and vindictive reputation have already ingrained the reputation of this organization. The solid reputation the Redskins built over 25 plus years ago, has been eradicated, and Bruce Allen has significantly contributed to that. Furthermore, fan attendance is still extremely low, change at just the staff level will not make a dent in the damage Dan and Bruce has done to the organization, there needs to be more. So if Snyder is truly evaluating Bruce Allen, then winning should let him know that a competent general manager and head coach can change the direction of this team. Dan can do much better than Bruce; however, it is on him to see that, we will see if he can acknowledge that too.