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NFL salary cap to increase to $196.8-201.2 million in 2020

NFL teams will have more money to spend next year

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

NFL teams were given a projection for an increase in next year's salary cap at yesterday's league meeting in Dallas. The cap will go from $188.2 million to between $196.8 million and $201.2 million. This will be in line with recent increases in the cap since new TV deals were signed in 2011 and more recently. This number could go higher when the official number is set before the owner's meetings in March.

Salary Cap by year:

2019: $188.2 million

2018: $177.2 million

2017: $167 million

2016: $155.27 million

2015: $143.28 million

2014: $133 million

2013: $123 million

2012: $120.6 million

The Washington Redskins have a lot more money going into next season than they had last year. According to Overthecap, the Redskins have ~$49.4 million in cap space next year based on a salary cap of $200 million(the team also has ~$13.3 million that can be carried over from 2019). This does not include several players that could be re-signed including Brandon Scherff, Ereck Flowers, Jon Bostic, and others. The Redskins also have several players who could be released or traded after this season for significant cap savings like Jordan Reed($6.12m), Josh Norman($8.5m), Ryan Kerrigan($11.75m), and others. Alex Smith also has a $12 million insurance policy that should get credited to next year's cap. That adds up to a pretty significant war chest for the Redskins new GM to work with.