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Urban Meyer Raves About his Former Quarterback Dwayne Haskins

“He was the best player I’ve ever seen in recruiting.”

NFL: Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Much ado has been made about the performance, or lack there of, by Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins in some “spot starts” this season. When Haskins finally got his chance to prepare as a starter and be the man against Buffalo, his critics were all over the place - some even suggesting the Redskins SHOULDN’T rule out selecting a quarterback with a very high draft pick in 2020 if Haskins didn’t look good the rest of the way in 2019.

Now, what MOST people understood when Haskins entered the 2019 draft is that he was not quite a finished product, having just one full season as a college starter, but ALL the tools were there to work with and mold the young signal caller. Still, patience is a word very foreign to Redskins fans, so when it was reported that he wasn’t ready from a mental standpoint to become the starter early on, fans immediately began to turn on the youngster.

Fair or unfair, it’s what many Redskins fans have resorted to. Never mind the current quarterbacks who have sat a year or more to begin their careers(Rodgers, Mahomes), or those who struggled as rookies but turned it around in year two or three(Geoff, Jackson).

And now there is this interview from Urban Meyer, who was the coach of both Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow(who many feel could be the number one overall pick in the 2020 Draft).

In this interview, Urban tells NFL Network who he believes was the better overall player coming out of high school, the strengths and weaknesses of each when they were at Ohio St...Oh, and this little quote on Haskins - “He was the best player I’ve ever seen in recruiting.”


And believe me folks, Urban Meyer has seen a LOT of quarterbacks in recruiting!

Now, we all know high school football recruiting can be very fluid. Some highly rated kids actually pan out, while many flop. But guess what Dwayne Haskins did? Not only did he live up to the hype, he went on to have one of the greatest single seasons by any quarterback in college football.

So Redskins Nation, are “some” of you still ready to give up on this kid if he continues to struggle for the remainder of 2019 with this clown show running the team?

Does this Meyer interview make you think a bit more about our young quarterback?


What should the Redskins do if Dwayne Haskins struggles for the remainder of the season?

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  • 82%
    Build this team up around him for the future
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  • 13%
    Draft a QB with a high pick in the 2020 NFL Draft
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  • 3%
    Sign Cam Newton
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